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1The Importance and Challenges of App Performance Testing During Economic Downturn This article discusses the benefits of app performance testing during economic downturns and provides solutions to the challenges, such as understanding the objectives and scope, using AI-powered testing tools, testing on real devices and networks, and monitoring and analysis.
2【Live Testing】Rewarding User Survey Here is a WeTest questionnaire waiting for you to fill out. After completing the questionnaire and leaving the contact information, you will be rewarded with a 60min Live Testing quota or 7 days Automation quota reward~
3Understanding External Storage Features and Implementation Across Various Android Versions External storage, as an important component often encountered in development, has undergone numerous significant changes in various Android versions.
4Manual vs Automation Testing | Key Differences, Pros, Cons This article stresses the Manual vs Automation Testing comparison and their basic definitions, as both are directly correlated to the testing routines.
5Test Cases in Software Testing | Everything You need to Know Test cases in software testing hold a very crucial spot for an organization and require very much attention from the QA team and top personnel. In this article, we will go through all the related and basic concepts required to get started with them.