Who are we?

WeTest Quality Open Platform is the official one-stop testing service platform for game developers. We are a dedicated team of experts with more than ten years of experience in quality management. We are committed to the highest quality standards of game development and product quality and tested over 1,000 games.

WeTest integrates cutting-edge tools such as automated testing, compatibility testing, functionality testing, remote device, performance testing and security testing, covering all testing stages of games throughout their entire life cycle.

5 significant dimensions, 41 indicators, comprehensive product quality protection.

Our journey

  • 2015


    WeTest Quality Open Platform Officially Opens


    Standard Compatibility Testing for Cloud - Cloud services


    FSight Entering Open Platform


    Remote Device and game solutions are officially open to the world


    Stress testing covers 98% of internal self-research and proxy games

  • 2016


    Strategic cooperation between stress testing and Cloud and App Store platforms

    Open to the outside world reservation experience, the number of single-month booking enterprises exceeded 1050+ WeTest joins hands with App Store to launch the “Million Support Plan”


    WeTest participates in GMGC2016 to assist game developers


    Open and simple mode of stress testing, supporting direct pressure tests for Web sites and APP applications without coding


    H5 Remote Device Launched

    This is a technological update and its use is leading the industry with results


    First Public Display of Top Game Automation Testing Framework GA


    WeTest Tool Access Open Platform officially launched FSight products exceed 1 million

    Mobile Application Solutions Open to the World


    WeTest Expert Compatibility Testing Launches a Streamlined Version


    Launch of the WeTest and App Store Cooperative Tool YSDK Pre-trial Function

    FSight climbs more than 1 billion data measurements


    WeTest's first successful private cloud deployment

    Industry FSight launched, achieves network-wide monitoring,

    more than 50 product Wind data sources

    Overseas Private Cloud Solutions Launch and Deploy

    Overseas Markets

    Open Private Cloud Solutions

    WeTest GA Open Source


    Expansion of 1000 sets of equipment in Shanghai computer room

  • 2017


    FSight International supports 22 countries and regions. Users can use API to import data, which WeTest combines with 31 domestic and international experts, as well as Game Special Center. It collected data from the Open Quality Platform of WeTest throughout all of 2016, such as big data, App Store data, lighthouse data, and other third-party data platforms, and produced the “White Paper on Chinese Mobile Game Quality in 2016.”


    Expert Compatibility Testing Increases iOS Testing Functions


    WeTest Participates in the GAGC Game Developers Summit

    At the conference’s developer training camp, Game Quality Director Fang Liang shared how can build an open S-level quality system of mobile game, as the industry leader.


    Mobile Game security testing and Expert Compatibility Testing in Cloud

    WeTest participates in the Qcon Global Software Development Conference, Specialized Technology Testing Expert

    He Chun delivered a speech entitled “The Road to Optimizing Mobile Game Performance”

    Construction of WeTest Chengdu Computer Room


    Construction of WeTest Shenzhen Computer Room

  • 2018


    “China Mobile Game Quality White Paper 2017” was released, summarizing the quality data and trends of China Mobile Game products from the aspects of R&D overview, market hardware environment, compatibility, client/server performance, security status, public opinion, and so on, and shows the quality status of mobile game research and development in 2017.


    UPA, a performance analysis tool developed jointly with Unity, will be presented at the 2018 Unite Conference


    WeCom Moves into Master Service of Pressure Measurement to Realize Deep Cooperation


    Participation in the Fourth China Mobile Internet Test and Development Conference (MTSC)

    WeTest was invited to attend the conference and brought professional-level experience sharing. The keynote speeches were "Mobile Game Automation Testing and AI Practice" and "First Screen Loading Optimization for Billions of Users".

    In the game venue, the Head of Testing and Development of the Quality Management Department Cai Yifeng, and the Senior Test and Development Engineer of Quality Management Department Li Deyuan, shared the experience of mobile game automation tests for the first time such as “Dragon Valley” and “Sword Net 3: Fingertip Jianghu”, and elaborated the importance of automation test and AI technology application.

    Participation in the 2018 Quality Competitiveness Conference (TiD)

    WeTest brings a professional-level practice case deduction around hand-swimming performance management, server performance testing, automation testing, and AI practice of hand-swimming testing, with theme of "Quality Achieves the Future".

    Launch of Deep Compatibility AI Landing Compatibility Test of WeTest Platform


    Exhibition of the Second CTDC Chief Technical Officer Summit in 2018

    Head of WeTest Product Operations Hu Jingru accepted an interview with ITShare, the organizer, and made a thorough interpretation of the relevant content of WeTest. He hoped to join more partners to build a quality ecosphere on the basis of existing support.

    The 16th ChinaJoy exhibition, jointly with Intel and Cloud, collaborated in the layout of cloud games, with the new product "Deep Compatibility Testing" which includes AI testing capabilities, first appeared in CJ.

    Free and open compatibility testing zone around Android 9.0 Pie system for the latest Pixel and Pixel 2 series of Google models.


    Invited to the 2008 Google Developers Conference

    Google officially authorized the opening of the Android 9 Test Zone and was invited by Google officially to participate in the Google Developers Conference

    WeTest's Third Anniversary

    "Three-year peer, building the future", upgrading mobile application and mobile game security lines, and officially launching server deep performance testing services