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1Automated Testing Web Applications: What is It, and Tools Recommended Are you curious about automated testing web applications? As technology continues to evolve, web applications have become an essential part of our daily lives, from online shopping to email communication.
2Continuous Integration vs Continuous Deployment: Their Concepts, Differences, and How They Play a Ro In this blog post, we will explore these concepts, understand their differences, and examine their relationship with app testing.
3Types of Security Testing | Industry's Standard Approaches The types of security testing and their role has been a hot topic for years and this article will break down the most essential and typical approaches one has to take when testing their codes.
4How does WeTest’s GAutomator 3.0 Facilitate Automated Testing Workflow? Today we are going to tell you how WeTest’s GAutomator 3.0 facilitates local Game Automated Testing Workflow.
5WeTest Long-term Cooperation Partner Introduction- Korean KOL Han(The Fourth Issue) WeTest PerfDog has become a performance testing tool used by users all over the world. Recently, WeTest international community launched a global discussion on “performance testing tools” and received comments and videos from YouTube KOL.