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Product Function

  • WeTest


    Supports several test frameworks like Appium, Robotium, UIAutomator, and GAutomator.

  • WeTest

    Professional report

    Results are clearly displayed, helping users to quickly understand the problem distribution.

  • WeTest

    Faster delivery

    Our flexible and scalable teams provide lower prices and faster delivery.

  • WeTest

    In-depth test

    Mainstream Top models are covered, with various top models recommended and more test scenarios; and reports are finished by test experts.

Application Scenarios

  • Pain point

    Lack of test devices to run scripts, high test time costs.

  • Our services

    • Simply provide the APK and upload test cases • Automatic compatibility testing • Automated testing.


Getting Started

Pre-sales requirements communication
Time taken: One working day
Business communication

Confirm test intention according to customer needs and sign test agreement.

Pre-sales communication

Customize different service solutions according to business needs.

Requirements analysis
Time taken: One working day
Use case design

Under the premise of sufficient product experience, analyze the customer's actual business and product architecture to enhance the custom use case design.

Select model

Select model&Click submit

Run test
Time taken: One working day
Debugging scenarios

Operation content Operation content content


Submit APK, select test framework, upload script.

Create report
Time taken: One working day
View report

You can view the test report from the platform reports list.

Report analysis

Analyze whether client performance meets customer expectations and offer a basic solution.

Customer review

Everything is based on user satisfaction.