• WeTest

    Professional Test Process

    The test project manager designs use cases for the application according to the requirements, covering the main function points.

  • WeTest

    Customized Use Case

    Support professional use case customization of mobile games, covering specific business processes required by users and general use cases in the industry.

  • WeTest

    Complete Execution Process

    Experts verify functional integrity, correctness and applicability one by one according to application functions and business requirements.

  • WeTest

    Depth Problem Positioning

    Detailed reports help you to locate problems quickly.


A high-quality mobile game team in a period of rapid development, with a rapid iteration of product functions and forms. 1)High-quality requirements: Strive to cover more fully functional use cases 2)Short time cycle. 3) Low testing manpower input.

The service we provide: 1) Equipped with experts to provide customized case design and implementation services. 2)Customized use case covering mainstream business processes and industry common use cases. 3)Deliver report quickly.

        • WeTest

          Expert Team

          Gold expert team, with many years of testing experience in various industries.

        • WeTest

          Professional Report

          Results are clearly displayed, helping users to quickly understand the problem distribution.

        • WeTest

          Faster Delivery

          Our expert teams deliver the report in just a few days.

        • WeTest

          In-Depth Test

          Top models are covered in the test, with complete test scenarios.

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        Getting Started

        Make an Appointment
        Business Communication

        Contact customer service to determine the test intention.

        Pre-sales Communication

        Sign the cooperation contract and pay for the test.

        Submit Your APK
        Submit APK Packages and Communicate Requirements

        Design Use Case
        Experts Design Use Cases and Confirm With Customers

        Execute the Test
        The Execution Process is Strictly Monitored

        Execute the Functional Integrity and Accuracy of Each Module One By One

        Deliver Report
        Problem Classification

        Record the Details of Functional Problems and Recurrence Steps in Detail

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