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1Java Unit Testing Frameworks | The Absolute Best Ones We have mentioned here the top 5 Java unit testing frameworks in our list and other related concepts which one needs to know for their software testing routines.
2Localization Testing with Example | Importance & Applications This article explains localization testing with examples and other related concepts which need to be cleared before you release an app in a region that is not yours. Read till the end to learn everything related to localization.
3The Challenges and Illusions of Developing AAA Games —— Conclusion The failed review has significantly impacted the project team's morale. The primary challenge the team now faces is regaining the leaders' confidence in future reviews.
4How We Test Phones We use a stringent set of repeatable tests to analyze the mobile phones we review, taking into account battery life, call quality, multimedia capabilities, reception, and more.
5Lessons from 194 Tracked Bugs: Improving Coding, Testing, and Debugging Practices Below are the most important lessons I've summarized, covering three aspects: coding, testing, and debugging.