• Console Compatibility Testing

    WeTest has officially authorized dev kits of X-box, PS and Switch, and provides all-in-one console compatibility testing service. Cover game‘s core scenarios, validate adaptability issues in different combinations of game platforms.

  • Full Coverage of Core Scenarios

    The test will cover the game's core scenarios such as registration, login, store, operational activities, and logout.

  • Hardware Compatibility

    WeTest supports compatibility testing of hardware, controllers and peripherals in a variety of scenarios to meet the choices of different users.

  • Professional Test Report

    A test report is prepared by a test expert, containing test equipment, compatibility issues, and adjustment recommendations.

Cross-end device combinations

Some of the games won't just be released on one gaming platform, they'll be available on multiple ends at the same time.And gamers will plug their consoles into different screens, and as technology continues to evolve and update, new hardware and software are constantly being introduced. Games need to be constantly updated and upgraded to ensure that they work properly and consistently on the device.

The WeTest compatibility testing service has a rich library of devices; game teams can choose the right device for testing according to the user groups covered by their games. We will cover the core scenarios of game including , login, store, operation activities, exit, etc. to ensure the stable operation of the game on the devices.


Limited testing time

Testers and teams are under extreme pressure to complete compatibility testing for multiple combinations in a limited amount of time.

WeTest will coordinate testing resources according to business needs and conduct high concurrency compatibility testing through manual and automation to improve testing efficiency and save testing time overall.


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  • Officially Licensed Dev kit

    WeTest has officially authorized dev kits of PS, Xbox, and Switch, and can obtain latest devices as quickly as possible.

  • Multi-dimensional Combination Approach

    You can combine devices based on different dimensions such as gaming platform, environment, device, display type, resolution, network, input method, and so on.

  • Customized Test Solutions

    Customize compatibility test cases according to your needs and execute them with experts.

  • The Team of Experts is Experienced

    The WeTest testing team has 10 years + testing experience and several AAA game testing experience.

Getting started

Requirement Confirmation
Requirement clarification list

Confirm the testing requirements.

Fill up the list

Client needs to specify the hardware and software to be used during the testing.

Quotation Confirmation
Agree at the quotation

Confirm the quotation for the testing requirement.

Testing Implementation
Communication on implementation issues

Communicate environment and version-related issues that arise during implementation.

Report Delivery
Deliver the report and related documents

Deliver the test report, issues and attachments to the client

Ongoing support for further needs

Deliver detailed descriptions and additional information based on client’s needs.

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