Introducing WeTest Monkey, Making Compatibility Testing Easier

For developers, it is crucial to ensure that their mobile applications and games provide a seamless experience across various devices.

Are you looking to ensure that your mobile applications and games deliver a seamless experience on popular devices in the market? Compatibility testing plays a crucial role in identifying and addressing potential issues before they impact user experience. That’s where WeTest Monkey comes in.

WeTest Monkey is a powerful tool designed to conduct compatibility testing by simulating random events and quickly detecting basic compatibility issues. With just a few simple steps, you can upload your app and let the test run automatically.

Test for Base Compatibility Issues: No need to write test scripts. WeTest Monkey quickly identifies fundamental compatibility problems such as installation failures and crashes.

Rapid Test Report Generation: Within 1–4 hours, you will receive a comprehensive test report that includes detailed results, screenshots, logs, and performance data. This invaluable information helps you pinpoint and address any issues with ease.

For developers, it is crucial to ensure that their mobile applications and games provide a seamless experience across various devices. By conducting compatibility tests on different devices, potential problems can be identified and resolved proactively.

To check the basic compatibility issues of your product, all you need to do is provide the installation package and submit the test request. The test process covers installation, launch, monkey traversal, and uninstallation. Once the test execution is complete, you can access the detailed test report.

WeTest Monkey Advantages:

Extensive Device Coverage: WeTest Monkey offers compatibility testing on over 400 real Android devices, including popular brands like Samsung, Pixel, Xiaomi, and Huawei. All devices are housed in our private Standard Internet Data Center, ensuring stable power and top-notch security.

User-Friendly Interface: Uploading the installation package and initiating the test is a breeze. Our intuitive web interface makes the process simple and straightforward.

Support for Applications and Games: WeTest Monkey caters to both applications and games. You can choose the appropriate mode depending on your specific requirements, and the tool will execute the relevant monkey tests accordingly.

Detailed Test Records: Our comprehensive reports provide valuable insights, including screenshots, logs, and performance data captured during testing. This level of detail facilitates efficient issue identification and resolution.

In addition to WeTest Monkey, our intelligent exploratory testing feature automates the detection of compatibility issues, eliminating the need for designing and creating test cases. With zero coding and installation requirements, you can test your app on 1000+ Android devices simultaneously, significantly speeding up the test runs.

Ensure a seamless user experience for your mobile applications and games with WeTest Monkey.

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