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1Cross-Browser Testing: How to Test website on different browsers and devices? If you are looking into solutions for how to test website on different browsers and devices and also want to learn the basic concepts related to this testing type then hop on, this article is going to explain everything related to your shiny new website and its testing.
2The principles of Test Automation Testing plays a vital role in software development. Software testing has now become a part of programming so that the developers are able to rectify errors from the beginning stage.
3Balance Speed and Quality: Mobile App Testing Best Practices and Key Metrics for Software QA Nowadays, the pace of software development is more critical than ever. However, sacrificing quality for speed can lead to catastrophic consequences.
4Types of Performance Testing We have introduced importance of performance testing in the last article. There are different types of performance tests that can be applied during software testing. So now let us take a closer look at the performance testing methods.
5WeTest QA Case Study: A casual mobile game This is a popular global mobile game maker which encountered issues in March 2020.