• WeTest

    Personalization Use Cases

    Experts customize test cases according to application characteristics to cover mainstream scenarios.

  • WeTest

    300+ Real Devices

    Supports the mainstream models in the market, newly listed models, update the device library every month, accurately cover customers'mobile phones.

  • WeTest

    Covering Various App Compatibility Problems

    Expert team performs compatibility tests to find various compatibility problems.

  • WeTest

    Detailed Report

    The detailed report includes test equipment screenshots, logs and performance data to facilitate users to view test results and locate problems quickly.

Application Scenarios

The mobile game market is highly competitive. Without high product quality, it is easy to bring bad experience to users, leading to user loss. If your mobile game is not tested on different devices, your players may complain about the problems when they face problems.

We are equipped with experts to provide customized compatibility testing services based on mobile games. Users only need to provide the mobile game installation package to submit the test.The test covers mainstream scenarios, records problems and screenshots in detail, and displays logs in multiple dimensions. We also provide test report within 72 hours.


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        • WeTest

          Experienced in Testing

          With more than 10 years of testing experience, our experts strictly follow Tencent's standard process and accurately find compatibility problems.

        • WeTest

          Covering Customer Mobile Devices

          According to Tencent's application big data, we select the device with the top number of users and update the device monthly. You can obtain new models in the market as soon as possible.

        • WeTest

          Support Complex Scenarios

          Support account login, mobile phone verification code and other personalized complex scenarios. Complicated operation steps can be realized.

        • WeTest

          Detailed Test Records

          Our reports provide screenshots, logs and performance data during testing, making it easier and more convenient to locate problems.

        Service Process

        Make an Appointment
        Contact Customer Service

        Confirm the test intention, sign a cooperation contract, and pay for the test.

        Submit Your APK
        Upload APK

        Submit Materials and Wait for Test

        Experts Execute Test
        Experts Write Use Cases

        The leader of the test group will run the test and write test cases one by one to ensure that the use cases cover all functions.

        Traversal Function

        The test experts will conduct deep compatibility test.

        Report Summary

        All the problems submitted by the test experts will be summarized into the final report.

        Get Your Report
        You Can Obtain the Report Within 72 Hours

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