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    Full Platform Coverage Detection

    Android, ios, Android SDK detection support, static + dynamic + source code All-in-one deployment, convenient and efficient

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    Multi-dimensional Detection and Analysis

    Covering coding specifications, environmental security audit detection, component security monitoring, security vulnerability detection and other dimensions of monitoring and analysis, comprehensive protection of application security

  • WeTest

    Vulnerability Statistics and Analysis

    Analyze and summarize testing vulnerabilities, present various security trend conditions, provide detailed testing reports, and help you locate problems in a timely manner.

  • WeTest

    System Data Management

    Covering sensitive keywords, Android whitelists, third-party SDK libraries, testing rules, etc., with historical records of various data that can be quickly queried and tracked based on specific content.

  • WeTest

    Static Detection

    Comprehensively scan the static code features of the application, accurately identify and locate, and discover the risk vulnerabilities at the application code level

  • WeTest

    Dynamic Detection

    Simulate real-time dynamic attacks to detect risks and vulnerabilities in the application through the behavior and logs of the application response

  • WeTest

    Permission Detection

    The App's configuration file and code logic are scanned to determine the permissions requested by the App and the permissions actually used during operation

  • WeTest

    Virus Scan

    Through the combination of well-known domestic and foreign virus scanning engines, it can quickly and accurately scan for viruses, Trojan horses or malicious codes carried by the application

  • WeTest

    Hardening Detection

    Detects whether the mobile application uses reinforcement and what kind of reinforcement is used, and the reinforcement method covers at least 10 mainstream reinforcement vendors in the market

  • WeTest

    Mixed Development App Detection

    Security testing for the HTML5 part of the hybrid developed Android App, including Web view vulnerability detection, JavaScript vulnerability detection, etc.

  • WeTest

    Security Specification Detection

    Detection of whether the behavior of the application itself conforms to security specifications, presenting confusing permissions, with sensitive content, third-party SDK and other security content

  • WeTest

    Binary Code Security

    Detect the security of the application binary code, mainly including code obfuscation and the use of compiler stack protection technology, etc

  • WeTest

    Data Security

    Detecting the storage security of application client data and the possible security risks of communication data in transmission

  • WeTest

    Encryption Security

    Detection of encryption algorithms and cryptographic security risks of mobile applications, including AES/DES/SM4 encryption algorithms, weak hashing algorithms and random number usage, etc

  • WeTest

    Program Source File Security

    Detects possible security risks to the source files of mobile applications, which can lead to source code cracking, file information leakage, etc

  • WeTest

    iOS Application Security Specification

    Detects whether the mobile application complies with iOS application security specifications

Application Scenarios

Troubleshooting Application Security Vulnerabilities
Failure to Meet Detection Standards

Authoritative data shows that over 90% of security issues are introduced in software development. Most enterprises consider security issues only when the application is about to be released or after release, leading to the discovery of security vulnerabilities after the application is launched, and also increasing the cost of vulnerability repairs.

WeTest provides a comprehensive evaluation of security issues in applications, accurately identifies the root cause of problems, provides code repair examples, helps with vulnerability repairs, and eliminates security risks before application release.

      • According to the requirements of Party A or the supervisory unit, an application security check and a detection report must be provided before the application is launched. Enterprises may not perform comprehensive testing within a short testing period, leaving loopholes for criminals to exploit, leading to a failure to meet detection standards, repeated testing, and a direct delay in the application development cycle and overall launch plan. updated.Access to hundreds of Android/iOS real devices for quick and easy Live Testing.

        Provide a detailed assessment plan for application security, covering coding specifications, environment security audit testing, security vulnerability testing, etc. Quickly identify security vulnerabilities in the application, determine whether there is malicious or illegal behavior, provide corresponding rectification suggestions and testing reports.

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            Diverse Security Assessment

            Fully implement static and dynamic detection techniques, with advanced versions that include source code scanning technology and automated decryption technology to thoroughly detect security issues in applications.

          • WeTest

            Multi-dimensional data statistical analysis

            Statistical analysis of application assessment results data from different dimensions, supporting the viewing of assessment history data statistics charts on the interface, presenting the overall application security trends, security issues, and the probability of data occurrence.

          • WeTest

            Comprehensive Testing Reports

            Output various detailed testing reports, including code-level repair examples or solutions in the testing results of each assessment item, effectively assisting enterprise developers in self-examination and repair of risk vulnerabilities in code.

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            Perfect detection management function

            Independent management of the detection system's whitelist library, third-party SDK library, sensitive terminology library and detection rules.

          Application Security Testing Pricing

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            How WeTest Application Security Testing Works

            STEP1: Appointment
            Fill out the Form

            Enterprises fill out the testing requirements.

            Business Communication

            Confirm the intention and sign the contract.

            STEP2: Submission
            Submit Materials

            Confirm the testing requirements and submit the configuration and the application (or application package) to be tested.

            STEP3: Execution
            Risk Analysis

            Familiarize with the application, conduct risk analysis, and design testing risk points.

            Testing Execution

            Analyze testing points for security, select testing devices and their total number.

            STEP4: Completion
            Vulnerability Repair

            Enterprises repair according to the testing report.

            Enterprises Repair According to the Testing Report

            Follow up on regression testing and verify the vulnerability repair situation.

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