• PC Functional Testing Services

    High-quality functional testing services for the whole process from use case design to execution, our professional game testing team provides efficient and high-quality testing.

  • WeTest

    Quality Verification for Products

    Manual verification of the integrity and validity of each module of games according to the use cases. Especially the verification of the validity of the numerical setup of each level and in-game item management.

  • WeTest

    Customized Solutions

    Supporting customized functional test plans based on your application scenarios, requirements for testing and product stages. Experts will conduct one-on-one solution design and review before implementation.

  • WeTest

    Use Cases Design

    Supporting multi-dimensional and multi-scenario functional use case design, including full functional testing, component testing, updates, events and store testing, network testing, stability testing for PC games, etc.

  • WeTest

    Professional Report Delivery

    Ensure the complete release of client and server versions, produce release documents (release notes/QA guidelines/functional specifications), provide bug modification suggestions, and output functional test reports.

Long testing periods for games that delays the release of new versions?

Extended testing periods and complex testing procedures for games cause delays, which significantly slow down the release schedule if you don't have sufficient testing time.

We have professional game testers to conduct functional testing on the software and hardware of games. We deliver detailed testing reports to ensure your game goes live ahead of schedule.


Unable to guarantee game release quality?

After the game's release, users pay close attention to its functions. If they encounter defects, errors, or abnormal behavior, they may lose trust in your product, leading to user churn.

We provide comprehensive functional testing for games, run different use cases for different versions and conduct regression testing on servers. We provide bug resolution plans to help you enhance game quality.


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  • Manual and Automated Testing

    Automation testing and manual testing complement each other. The automation testing plugin handles complex functional testing with manual testing assistance, which improves efficiency and reduces costs, ensures functional quality and saves time and resources.

  • Experienced Testing Team

    Our testing team specializes in game testing and has extensive test experience on various game genres including FPS, MOBA, MMO and etc.

  • Faster Delivery

    We can expand our testing team according to your needs flexibly and rapidly, ensuring timely releases of game function.

  • Professional Test Reports

    Our expert testers provide detailed functional test reports to help your development team accurately track and locate issues, improving the efficiency and quality of bug fixes.

Getting started

Contact customer service and explain what you need
Business communication

Based on your needs, we will confirm your intention to use the testing service and sign a testing agreement.

Pre-sale communication

We will formulate a customer service solution for your company.

Submit test materials
Need analysis and case design

WeTest can analyze your actual business and product architecture to design in-depth test cases.

You can submit your own test cases

You can use the console to submit test requirements and materials

Testing and report delivery
Running test cases

We will precisely analyze compatibility issues in depth.

Writing report

We will produce a detailed test report based on the test results.

Report acceptance

We will notify you to check up the report online or offline, which completes the service.

Satisfaction evaluation

Your satisfaction is our guidance to everything we do.

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