UDT: Auto-Testing Device Farm

A comprehensive mobile testing platform for large-scale automation on a cloud-based device farm, featuring local access tools for efficient device management by development teams.
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UDT Client's Common Pain Points

Devices Duplicated Procurement

Cross-regional enterprises always face situation of redundant device purchases, leading to increased operational costs and low utilization rates

Manual Testing Hampers Efficiency

Large-scale testing enterprises face challenges with manual testing inefficiencies, requiring adoption of stable cloud testing tools for enhanced efficiency and meeting testing demands

Costly Self-Built Platform & Data Security Concerns

It's costly for enterprises to self-build testing platform. Teams need auto-testing solutions that are flexible, privacy-compliant, and offer high security deployment

How UDT Benefits the Business

Real Device Cloud
Access Anytime & Anywhere

Access to thousands of devices globally, ensuring coverage for over 95% of global users for comprehensive testing. Eliminate the need for an internal device lab and reduce operational costs instantly

Effortless Sharing of Local Devices

Efficiently connect and share local devices with cross-regional teams using a user-friendly one-click tool, promoting seamless collaboration and streamlined testing procedures

Enhanced Efficiency with Auto-Testing Support

Use the WeTest auto-testing cloud with mainstream testing frameworks to accelerate test execution and generate detailed reports, including performance metrics for thorough analysis and actionable insight

Customized Setup for Private Device Farm

Setup a personalized device farm with selected WeTest devices and local devices, managing them based on tailored requests to enhance testing flexibility and adaptability

Streamlined Test Script Generation

Automate test script creation through OCR and image recognition for Android and iOS systems, optimizing the testing process and increasing efficiency in test script development

Private Deployment Options with High Data Security

Explore flexible private deployment options to help businesses quickly develop and enhance automated testing capabilities, enabling agile testing practices and ensuring secure deployment across diverse environments

UDT Services

Customer Story

Finance Company
Insurance Company
Game Services
Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

Client Background: Global Leading Fast-Fashion Retailing E-Commerce Company (covered 150+regions)

UDT offers a visual desktop tool and access to a public cloud device farm, enabling clients to conduct efficient automated testing globally.
— Hundreds of Devices From Various Regions Worldwide
WeTest Service
Support clients in connecting hundreds of local devices on multiple nodes in Europe, Asia, and the USA.
Assist clients in connecting and debugging iOS17 devices, solve the tech challenges of iOS17 underlying protocols and testing issues client faced with new iOS versions.
Customer Benefits
Establish the '1 main site + N forwarding' tech architecture to support multi-node forwarding videostreams, imrpooving the smoothness of overseas usages.
— Convenient Real Device Cloud Debugging Capabilities
WeTest Service
Exclusive Android/iOS visual file management tool provided, supporting users to download files and perform other operations.
Customer Benefits
Optimizing overseas file transfer nodes, providing client with a diverse set of debugging tools, increasing device file operation efficiency by 80%.
— Flexible Auto-Testing Capabilities WeTest Service
WeTest Service
Provide client with the ability to run tests using pytest, customized frameworks, and customized test parameters.
Customer Benefits
Assist client in conducting automated and stability tests on multipe overseas versions, increasing auto-testing efficiency by 100%.

Client Background: Chinese Top Bank

WeTest provides clinet with an comprehensive testing solution that integrated with client's internal unified identity authentication services. Assisting client in building a mobile testing system, meeting the data privacy and security of financial industry.
— Private Deployment Services
WeTest Service
For clients with no external network access in their local environment, WeTest provides resource packages, related dependency components, emergency operation plans, etc., for quick deployment and upgrades on-site.
Customer Benefits
Assisting in training client's operation employees, supports rapid setup and expansion of local services, empowers businesses to handle certain network and device failures independently, and meets internal employees requirements for information security.
— Internal Service Integration
WeTest Service
Client has a unified identity authentication service internally. By integrating and connecting with this service, user tokens and information can be verified, and corresponding user identity information can be generated in the UDT platform.
Customer Benefits
Client's employees can log in to the UDT platform using their internal user account information, making it convenient to utilize platform capabilities.
— Automated Script Writing
WeTest Service
Client faced certain difficulties in script writing. WeTst provides plugins that enable quick script writing, support one-click generation of code templates, and script writing for control and image recognition.
Customer Benefits
Reducing the script writing barriers for client's employees and increases script writing efficiency by 50%.

Client Background: Chinese Largest Insurance Company

WeTest offers clients a UDT private platform to help them quickly establish testing environment and platform, satisfying to their requirements for device remote colleboration, high iOS system version testing, and seamless integration of automated scripts into the testing system.
— Rapid Validation Services
WeTest Service
WeTest provides a minimum resource requirement list for cloud-based testing environments to meet client's pre-testing requirement.
Customer Benefits
Offering technical assistance to address network environment issues, helping clients quickly set up services for testing validation.
— Efficient Access to Android/iOS Devices
WeTest Service
Connecting client's own mobile devices and testing them using UDT desktop tool, which supports client in connecting iOS devices through Windows computers.
Customer Benefits
Multiple team members can share devices for testing, reducing the cost of purchasing iOS devices and eliminating the dependency on high-configured Mac nodes, lowering the devcie acces barrier.
— Automated Script Writing
WeTest Service
Supporting advanced features such as image recognition, iOS 17 integration, and semantic-aware capabilities based on client required test frameworks.
Customer Benefits
Reducing client's learning costs on new platform, providing a convenient and efficient automated testing experiences.

Client Background: Global Leading Game Services Company with 40+ offices worldwide

WeTest provides real device cloud and auto-reporting capabilities at the UDT SaaS layer, empowering automated management interfaces at the PaaS layer, which integrates client's internal implementation management platform. Additionally, WeTest offers diverse tools within private cloud for client to expand device resources.
— Hundreds of Real Devices on Private Cloud
WeTest Service
Select required top-tier devices from WeTest device farm, deployed at data center, level with 99.9% stability.
Unified operation and maintenance of real device cloud, supporting cusomtized parameter settings, cleaning mechanisms, and pre-installed application configurations.
Customer Benefits
Empower clients quickly debuging on stable cloud resources to ensure testing quality and reduce operational pressure.
— Providing End-to-End Automated Testing Capabilities
WeTest Service
Providing end-to-end automation capabilities from script writing, script uploading, testing tasks to report output.
Customer Benefits
Addressing the issue of high script writing barriers for users and improves the efficiency of large-scale automated testing.
— Diverse OpenAPI Provided
WeTest Service
Offering comprehensive OpenAPI interfaces and detailed interface documentation.
Customer Benefits
Integrating real device cloud and automated testing capabilities into client's internal testing and defect management platforms via iframe embedding, providing robust technical consultation and support for system integration.

Client Background: World Leading Consumer Electronic Manufacturer(with 2.5k+ sales centers)

WeTest assists clients by deploying independent sites and integrating with their external mobile platforms. this empowers developers with real device cloud and automated testing servcies, meeting various testing scenarios such as App testing, device adaptation, and quality assurence.
— Flexible Device Accessing Tool
WeTest Service
Provide client with diverse device access options, offering proprietary cloud hosting services with hundreds of WeTest data center moblie devices in a dedicated cloud environment.
Customer Benefits
Support client in connecting local devices to the platform to meet client's core pain points for device stability and flexible access.
— A Comprehensive Automated Testing Pipeline
WeTest Service
Assist client in building an automated testing platform that integrates upstreams and downstream testing scenarios.
Customer Benefits
Meet client's internal functional, compatibility, and application content review testing requirements while also enhancing developers engagement and loyalty towards clients' device products.
— One-Stop Developer-Driven Platform
WeTest Service
Assist client in opening up testing capabilities to application developers to meet their debugging needs for both new and existing client's device models.
Customer Benefits
Help developers understand their product performance, proactively identify issues, and streamline processes such as pre-launch App reviews, push activity configurations, App quality testing, and early previews of mobile themes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UDT, Auto-Testing Device Farm?

UDT is a one-stop mobile testing platform that enables large-scale automated testing on mobile cloud with thousands of devices. It also offers local device access tool for efficient device management by dev teams.
UDT provides 4 services: Real Device Cloud, Local Device Globally Sharing, Auto-Testing, and Resource Management.

What is Real Device Cloud?

Real device cloud is a cloud-based mobile testing environment, comprises Android and iOS devices accessible remotely via a browser for testing apps or games.

How Many Deployed Options Does UDT Offer?

Multi-Device Farm Options:
1. Dedicated Devices Cloud + Private Local Devices
2. Private Devices Cloud + Private Local Devices
Multi-Deployment Options:
1. Deployed on WeTest's Side
2. Deployed on User's Side
What is Automated Testing?
Automated testing is an efficient large-scale testing service that streamlines test execution using frameworks like Appium, Python, and GAutomator, supporting various languages. It offers customizable task configurations for efficient test execution. Additionally, it provides flexible test initiation through RestFul API, Web-UI, and CI/CD Plugin integration, along with detailed reporting capabilities. Script recording and playback functions simplify test automation, enhancing efficiency and ensuring consistent testing experiences across different platforms.
Why I Need to Use Real Device Cloud?
The real device cloud provides cloud-based access to mobile devices like iPhones and Android smartphones for testing purposes. This enables users to utilize real devices available on the cloud for testing across a wide range of devices. There is no requirement to purchase, maintain, or update a personal collection of devices. Simply sign up, select the desired devices, and commence testing.
Will UDT gather my business information? How can I ensure the security of my business data?
WeTest operates data centers in Singapore and the USA, ensuring GDPR compliance. All data remains the exclusive property of users, with WeTest refraining from data storage. With over a decade of experience as the leading QA provider in Asia, WeTest has maintained a flawless record without any data breaches. Additionally, WeTest accommodates NDA agreements to address any client apprehensions regarding data security.

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