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    Test for Base Compatibility Issues

    No need to write test scripts, you can quickly find basic compatibility issues such as installation failures and Crashes.

  • WeTest

    Get The Test Report in A Short Time

    Get test report in 1~4 hours and provide detailed test results, including screenshot, logs and performance data to help users locate problems.

Application Scenarios

Developers need to ensure that mobile applications and games have a good experience on popular devices in the market to prevent giving users a bad experience. Therefore, it is necessary to do compatibility tests on different devices to find problems in advance and fix them in time.

Check the basic compatibility issues of the product, you only need to provide the installation package to submit the test, the test process covers installation-launch-Monkey traversal-uninstallation. Wait for the test execution to finish, and then you can view the detailed test report.

        • WeTest

          400+ Device Model

          Test your app on a wide range of real Android devices including Samsung, Pixel, Xiaomi, Huawei etc. All devices are managed in our private Standard IDC Data Center which means stable power and unbreakable security.

        • WeTest

          Easy to Use

          You just need to upload the installation package on the web page, then select the test device and submit the test.

        • WeTest

          Support for Applications and Games

          Support two modes of application and game, need to choose according to the actual situation, will choose to execute different monkey test according to the category.

        • WeTest

          Detailed Test Records

          Our reports provide screenshots, logs and performance data during testing, making it easier and more convenient to locate problems.

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          Getting Started


          Prepare your Android App.

          Business Communication

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          Create Test
          Choose App

          Upload your own App and choose it.

          Choose Device

          Choose available devices manually or random devices to run your test.


          Click 'Submit' button to run automated test on website.

          Waiting for the test to finish

          Automated execution of tests on real cloud machines.


          All of your test reports in one view.

          Device Session

          View the details of target devices.(log, video recording, screenshot)


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