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Perfdog Client
For individuals who want to improve the performance and quality of applications and games.

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Full mobile platform performance test&analysis (iOS/Android)
Quickly locating and analyzing the performance issues
No need of ROOT/Jailbrask on the phone
Roll out to your team and add capacity as you need it
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Functional Testing (PC)
Pc functional testing and compatibility testing capabilities
Wealth of experience & High coverage.
Professional reports, Faster delivery.
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Expert Compatibility Testing (Mobile)
Professional compatibility testing
Test expert team & Abundant models.
In-depth test and record problems.
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Our pricing is tiered
Adopting the tiered pricing model, the greater the usuage, the lower the unite price. The larger the business scale, the more cost savings.
Annual and monthly purchase
After purchase, you can reserve enough resources, predictable management budget, and enjoy more discounts.
Will not encounter strange fees
No startup fees, authorization fees, statement fees, refund fees, PCI-compliance fees, business card fees….
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