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Product Function

  • WeTest

    Stable global pressure

    Provide a continuous and stable global pressure source to meet the concurrent needs of 10W and above.

  • WeTest

    1-to-1 customized service

    Combine business needs, server architecture, and expected goals to customize case study examples so as to be more scientific and effective.

  • WeTest

    Top global test standards for mobile games

    Based on the top global test standards for mobile games, cover test cases and solutions for RPG, SLG, MOBA, and other types of games.

  • WeTest

    Completely transparent test process

    The test process is clear and transparent, and test cases can be viewed to ensure full coverage of test cases and scenarios.

Applicable scene

  • Before system launching
    Third-party development results acceptance
    Acceptance of system performance of outsourced development, accurate detection of site capabilities, and evaluation of architecture stability to avoid irreversible server crashes after going online.
    Site capacity planning
    Understand the current max capacity through back-end capacity testing to refine the capacity plan for the site and machine resource allocation of the distributed system, thereby enabling customers to improve machine efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Before activity launching
  • Daily testing

Special Performance Test Service Process Introduction

Pre-sales needs communication
Business developer communication

Confirm test intention and sign cooperation contract according to customer requirement.

Pre-sale communication

Customized recommendation of different service solutions, according to the needs of the enterprise.

Requirements analysis
Use case design

Under the premise of full experience of the product, fully analyze the customer's actual business and server architecture, and deeply customize the design of use cases.

Test execution
Debugging scenarios

Debug each case study example and context scenario.

Run case study example

Use Pressure Management Master, a stable and reliable product of the WeTest platform developed by Tencent.

Report writing
Top global standard report

Write a detailed test report based on the test results

Report analysis

Analyze whether the client server performance can achieve the customer's desired goals and provide a basic optimization plan

Report confirmation

Service is completed when the customer confirm the report

Customer review

Customer satisfaction is paramount

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