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    Interface Display Test

    The combination of real devices and expert semantic testing can quickly discover problems such as hyperframe, poor visual effects, missed translation, user incomprehension, and text truncation, to optimize your test cycle and quality.

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    Language Semantic Testing

    The expert translation team conducts multilingual tests to eliminate grammar and context errors, to solve problems such as misnomers, stiff expressions, unreadability and lack of language habits.

  • WeTest

    Cultural Compliance Testing

    According to the culture, laws and regulations of different countries, your products would be investigated in all dimensions, to avoid legal problems, and effectively reduce the risk of public opinion and products removal.

  • WeTest

    Audio and Video Testing

    Through dubbing correctness and consistency, problems such as missing dubbing, dubbing out of synchronization, and inconsistencies in characters,dubbing and subtitles, can be found and solved to improve user experience.

Application Scenarios

Prevent Cultural Compliance Issues
Incomplete Language Coverage, and Small Range of Test

Public opinion can be provoked maliciously through loopholes of language and culture compliance, which results in situations such as product operation break off, a large loss of users, the violations of laws and regulations, product removal, and even damages to the company economics.

We provide tests aimming at various languages, language rules, and interface style specifications to solve problems such as language loss, wrong style, cultural & legal non-compliance, and sensitive issues such as religion, race, culture, politics, gender, etc. Eventually reduce the risk of user complaints.

      • Uncomprehensive test language, unspecific semantics, and incorrect meaning of words in different cultures, which may result in deviations in user understanding. And the incompletement in test coverage, problems such as the missing of testing and translation would reduce language consistence, understanding, and user experience.

        WeTest supports 32+ languages in multiple regions, reserves comprehensive information of cultural semantics of various countries, and provides clear standards for defect level division from full-dimensional bill of lading testing such as interface, language, dubbing. Specific needs according to the project can be customizated to avoid cultural and language risks and improve the platform quality.

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          • WeTest

            Multilingual Coverage

            We supports 32+ languages in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions, covering the global mainstream game market, and can quickly expand languages according to project needs.

          • WeTest

            Real Device

            Provide thousands of real devices and exclusive customized devices, and use the method of real device running package to reach the goal of smooth operation and zero delay.

          • WeTest

            Low Cost and High Quality

            According to the project coordination and resource management, we reduce the cost of resource consumption caused by project changes and delays, and improve your products quality in all steps.

          • WeTest

            Efficient and High-quality Service

            Quickly set up a support team, coordinate and respond to urgent needs, divide labor in parallel between multiple teams, efficiently execute test tasks, and make transparent and controllable progress with real-time feedback.

          Getting Started

          STEP1: Appointment
          Time taken: 1 day
          Contact Sales

          Determine the intention of testing and sign a cooperation contract.

          Demand Scenario Confirmation

          Solution validation, use case production, task quantification and assignment.

          STEP2: Execution
          Test Execution

          UI, text, and audio can be checked in an all-round way based on specific scenarios. And report bugs normly and accurately according to content.

          STEP3: Accomplishment
          Test Results Summary

          Based on the use case situation and statistical problems, we summarize the version localization quality, and output the professional report.

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