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Functionality QA Services


Functionality Testing

Providing functionality QA services for customers around the world. Having tested more than 1,000 games with test cases covering all the possible scenarios, our professional team can customize test cases for your games.

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Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing for mobile devices, PCs, and Consoles. We support more than 2,000 mainstream mobile devices around the world and provide fully configured PCs and Consoles.

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Network Testing

Improving the gaming experience of players in real scenarios by testing the game running status in case of network jitters or latency.

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Payment Testing

Quickly testing payments made through multiple channels in the regions where the games are released.

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Security Testing

Ensuring game security by conducting an in-depth risk analysis of games to identify and fix vulnerabilities, reinforce games and block cheating programs.

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Compliance Testing

Conducting pre-audit of games before they are made available in AppStore, GooglePlay, and Steam.

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GDPR Compliance

Test compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and PDPB.

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GamePlay Test & Crowdtesting

Engaging directly with local core players to resolve game issues and collect players' feedback for quick market validation.

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Performance Testing


Client Performance Testing

Professional analysis and resolution of client performance issues. Performance testing tool that collects multi-dimensional performance data. Mobile & PC performance benchmarking capacity.

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Server Performance Testing

Ensuring the online operation quality of game servers. Creating virtual bots to simulate high-concurrency scenarios involving multiple users.

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Application Performance Management

Performance data reporting and analysis tools; Monitoring client performance data in real time to pinpoint performance issues and improve player experience.

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Exception Monitoring&Analysis Platform

Helping developers quickly identify and resolve exceptions, keep track of product operation status and collect user feedback.

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Best Practices for Visionaries

Take a look at how they use WeTest to ensure the quality of their games.

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    Supercell QA Leader
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    Epic Games QA Leader

With WeTest's mobile game solution, thousands of compatibility issues were found in CODM through automated game compatibility testing and engine compatibility testing. In addition, product adaptation issues and rendering errors were identified. We also resolved issues like bug reporting, inefficient manual testing, and lack of performance data. Continuous performance monitoring allowed us to monitor and reproduce issues such as stutters in specific scenarios reported from external networks and drill down to the root cause. Millions of users accessed CrashSight to monitor for unusual activities in a system. Security testing helped us identify and fix several security vulnerabilities in an early time to prevent huge financial losses. Meanwhile, complete quality testing (e.g., network testing, payment testing, and iOS pre-auditing) paved way for the successful release of the game around the world.


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