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1The Essential Role of Testing in the Booming Mobile Gaming Industry This article explores the importance of testing in the growing mobile gaming industry, including special considerations when testing mobile games and various types of testing crucial to assess the quality of games and eliminate potential problems.
2Live Testing: A Comprehensive Guide Live testing is an essential aspect of the software development process and other industries like electronics. It refers to the process of testing a system or application while it's actively running, allowing developers and engineers to identify issues and faults in real-time.
3What are the Main Types of Automated Testing Framework? With the possibility of finding issues and bugs in your application, the automated testing framework is becoming an integral step in program and application development.
4Striking the Balance: Achieving Intelligent Automation in Software Testing In this article, we will elucidate the fundamentals of intelligent automation to facilitate a better understanding of this subject matter.
5Challenges that Game Developers faced during 2020 COVID struck and affected many people and industries. The game industry seemed to be well placed to weather the pandemic initially. But in fact, COVID is a double-edged sword, as it creates both opportunities and challenges for game developers at the same time.