Imagination and Tencent WeTest carry out in-depth cooperation to help developers obtain key report o

WeTest’s PerfDog tool adds more than 80 GPU Counters across all platforms and architectures, providing developers with detailed interpretation on data indicators of PowerVR GPU


WeTest’s PerfDog tool adds more than 80 GPU Counters across all platforms and architectures, providing developers with detailed interpretation on data indicators of PowerVR GPU

London, England and Shenzhen, China; 27th September 2021 — Imagination Technologies announces an in-depth cooperation with WeTest , Tencent’s quality service brand, adding more than 80 GPU Counters for all platforms (Android/iOS) and architectures in the new version 6.0 of WeTest’s PerfDog tool, to help developers obtain detailed report on key data of PowerVR GPU. The two parties will also jointly launch a series of online public courses for developers — Overview of GPU and Related Technologies — to build a learning and communication platform for developers and practitioners.

Launched by WeTest, PerfDog is a professional performance optimization and improvement tool for all mobile platforms to meet developers’ demands on performance-specific testing. The tool has been available to all teams within Tencent since July 2018. After five major iterations, PerfDog version 6.0 was fully commercialized in September 2021.

To better ensure that developers have a high-class R&D environment and product quality, PerfDog has cooperated with Imagination to develop the function of obtaining basic information of PowerVR GPU in its latest version 6.0 (adding more than 80 GPU Counters across all platforms and architectures). This helps developers more easily obtain accurate and detailed key parameters of GPU, discovering, locating and solving problems in time to optimize performance.

PowerVR GPU is the most representative product of Imagination, which leads the market in terms of technical capability, roadmap breadth and ecosystem, setting a standard for both mobile and embedded GPUs. PowerVR graphics technology is based on a complex and unique architecture. With Tile-Based Deferred Rendering (TBDR) technology, PowerVR realizes the lowest bandwidth utilization and the shortest processing cycle for single task, resulting in high performance efficiency and the lowest power consumption per frame.

Awen Cao, Technical Director from Tencent WeTest team, says, “As an industry-leading quality service brand officially established by Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group, Tencent WeTest team shares the same vision as Imagination on the way of pursuing high quality and high level. The newly added GPU Counter is only the first step of our cooperation, and we will work together to implement more in-depth information mining in the future. Meanwhile, as an industry leader in Ray Tracing technology, Imagination can also work with PerfDog to provide developers with optimization and improvement on this new technology.”

In order to let more developers and practitioners understand GPU and related technologies while making better discussions and communications on technology, Imagination and WeTest will jointly launch a series of online public courses for developers. This course series will include five topics: PowerVR architecture overview, PowerVR tools and SDK, 3D graphics, PowerVR performance recommendation guide, and hardware ray tracing, and will introduce how to interpret the indicators and data of GPU using PerfDog. All interested in the course series can register to watch for free.

James Liu, VP & General Manager China, Imagination Technologies, says, “We are pleased to cooperate with Tencent WeTest team to add new function for GPU into their PerfDog tool. Imagination has more than 30 years of R&D experience in the GPU field. Our pioneering spirit of always pursuing technology leadership is the reason why we are recognized by the industry. Imagination and WeTest will give full play to their respective advantages, providing developers with sufficient convenience through optimized PerfDog performance testing services and the series of public courses on GPU.”

This article was originally published on on Sep 27, 2021.

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