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1Types of Performance Testing We have introduced importance of performance testing in the last article. There are different types of performance tests that can be applied during software testing. So now let us take a closer look at the performance testing methods.
2What is APM in Games & Why it Matters In this FAQ explanation, we will talk about the question “What is apm in games” and other related concepts which matter in the gaming world.
3Performance Testing: Ensuring Optimal System Performance Performance testing, in simple terms, is a type of software testing that ensures a system performs well under its workload.
4A Beginner's Guide to Mobile Testing: Ensuring a Smooth User Experience This guide highlights key points to consider during mobile app testing, including user interface, functionality, performance, compatibility, usability, security, and documentation.
5The Importance of Automated Mobile Application Security Testing This article explores the key factors driving the growth of mobile applications and discusses the importance of automated mobile application security testing. We also discuss different methods of achieving robust mobile app security and their advantages and limitations.