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1Limitations of Testing in the Software Industry & How to Overcome This article talks about the limitations of testing, how to overcome them, and whether AI can help to overcome them.
2Introducing WeTest Monkey, Making Compatibility Testing Easier For developers, it is crucial to ensure that their mobile applications and games provide a seamless experience across various devices.
3A Case Study on Debugging High-Concurrency Bugs in a Multi-Threaded Environment The article covers the debugging process for core dump issues, memory leaks, and performance hotspots, as well as the use of various tools such as GDB, Valgrind, AddressSanitizer, and Perf.
4How to Choose a Test Automation Tool Choosing the right test automation tool is crucial to the success of your automation efforts.
5 What is a Bug Report & Why it is Important? This article focuses on a rather basic topic of what is a bug report in a software testing procedure and how it impacts the entire software development process. Read till the end to learn this basic but most discussed question.