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1Essential Elements for an Effective Software Test Strategy Maintaining a high level of quality for your organization's software requires a well-defined software test strategy. It is unfortunate that many businesses prioritize software testing poorly or lack a test strategy altogether.
2What are Test Cases? Introduction to Basic Concepts What are test cases? how do they work? which one is for you? all these questions are the most trending queries when it comes to software testing. Today, we are going to explain the very basics and essential knowledge one needs to know to get started with test cases and software testing techniques.
3How to Select Devices for Mobile Testing? This article explores various factors that testers should consider when choosing devices for software testing and recommends WeTest Live Testing as a convenient and efficient solution.
4What is APM in Games & Why it Matters In this FAQ explanation, we will talk about the question “What is apm in games” and other related concepts which matter in the gaming world.
5What is a Licensed Penetration Tester? What is a licensed penetration tester? Penetration tester is considered one of the most popular positions in the rapidly growing cybersecurity job market. Being a penetration tester requires a lot of effort as it is a skill-based role.