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1What does Test Mean in a Software Development World? If you are wondering what does test mean in software development we preassume that you are at a beginner's level. In this post, we will talk about the basic concepts to get started with software testing.
2How to Recreate Intermittent Errors in Mobile Software This article discusses the reasons behind the occurrence of intermittent bugs in mobile testing and explores various factors to consider when encountering such issues.
3How to troubleshoot game performance problems? — — Performance Optimization Good game performance is a necessary component for quality gameplay. However, Game performance problems caused by bugs, hardware problems, or inefficient coding, such as slow frame rates, can often occur and negatively affect the player experience.
4Different Types of Automation Testing Automation testing is a highly effective tool that could speed up the software testing procedure. It's a quality assurance measure to make sure your app is ready for deployment.
5Functional Test vs Integration Test: How are They Different Functional test vs integration test, how are they different? This article takes you through the definition, advantages, disadvantages, and detailed differences between the two.