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1Regression Testing: Preventing Regression Defects in Software In this article, we will introduce the challenges of regression testing, strategies for minimizing regression defects and so on.
2Functional Testing vs Non Functional Testing: Definitions & Differences When it comes to functional testing vs non functional testing, the comparisons between them cannot be avoided. In this blog, we will have an overview of the key differences between functional testing and non functional testing.
3Integrity Testing data | Basics, Checklist, and Common Mistakes Integrity testing data holds vital importance for the testing success rate. This article talks about this data and types of integrity testing along with common mistakes while handling this data.
4Why & How to Conduct QA Testing During the Mobile App’s Development Lifecycle? (Part 2) In this article, we will continue to discuss how to conduct QA testing for apps during the next phases of the development process.
5What is Test Plan in Software Testing | Fundamental Concepts In this blog post, everything related to the common query of "what is a test plan in software testing" is discussed along with its objectives and other related concepts one needs to master.