Revolutionize Your Testing Experience with WeTest Products - Limited Time Offer and Save Big!

In today's digital age, the need for reliable and effective testing tools cannot be overstated. WeTest products have millions of users now worldwide.

In today's digital age, the need for reliable and effective testing tools cannot be overstated. WeTest products have millions of users now worldwide. Let's dive into our services, starting with the WeTest PerfDog, WeTest automation and WeTest live testing to explore why WeTest products are popular.

The Advantage of WeTest Products

Unique Features of WeTest PerfDog

WeTest PerfDog has become a performance testing tool used by users all over the world. It is a full mobile platform performance Test & Analysis tool to improve the performance and quality of applications and games. It has many features such as full mobile platform, guaranteed data accuracy and superb reputation. Without tedious pre-test procedures, WeTest PerfDog allows you to conduct performance testing easily for any applications, games, or websites. No root/jailbreak needed. No installation needed. You can plug-and-play for your projects.

Benefits of WeTest Automation

WeTest maintains thousands of real iOS/Android device models in cloud that you can test on the same versions your customers use, for a high-quality customer experience and you don't have to maintain them. It supports for any native mobile test-automation framework and languages and easily integrate with WeTest using Appium, Espresso, XCTest/XCUITest or custom environment. It has 1000+ device model, you could test your native mobile App on a wide range of real iOS and Android devices including Apple, Samsung, Pixel, Xiaomi, Huawei etc.

The Capabilities of WeTest Live Testing

WeTest Live Testing provides real device cloud access to over 600 iOS/Android devices and 50+ iOS versions, ensuring comprehensive device coverage for testing purposes .WeTest Live Testing offers a real-world user experience with high definition(720P+60fps), low latency (< 150ms), and instant bugfix for more accurate and reliable testing. It could debug your app instantly, view device logs, inspect UI element, and use stacktrace to find and fix bugs easily.

Special Offers from WeTest x Global KOL

WeTest, in collaboration with Global KOL, is currently offering a range of discounts and deals on WeTest products. These special offers provide a fantastic opportunity to get your hands on top-quality testing tools at reduced prices.

PerfDog - 240 mins/year Only $15 ( Limits Quantity: 2 )

PerfDog - 300 mins/year Only $19.99 ( Limits Quantity: 2 )

PerfDog - 600 mins/year Only $30 ( Limits Quantity: 2 )

PerfDog - 1500 mins/year Only $149 ( Limits Quantity: 1 )

Live Testing(Unmetered)- 1 parallel/month Only $35 ( Limits Quantity: 2 )

Automation - 1 parallel/year Only $141.6 ( Limits Quantity: 1 )

WeTest offers a range of innovative and reliable testing tools that can significantly enhance your testing process. With the current special offers from WeTest X Global KOL, there's never been a better time to invest in these exceptional testing tools. Hurry! This offer is available for a limited time and in limited quantities. Join our global KOLs, who highly recommend WeTest peoducts for your testing needs. Shop Now!

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