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Importance Of Performance Testing

Performance testing is a type of quality assurance testing that can determine if the software meets speed, scalability and stability demands under expected conditions.

It can help ensure your application performs at its highest level, resulting in better uptime, less maintenance, and greater user interactivity while on site. Without performance testing, the software is likely to suffer from problems such as application run slowly while several users use it concurrently, inconsistencies across different operating systems and poor usability.

This task may take you much time, but it may bring long-term benefits for your business, including great user experiences that directly results in return customers.

Basic benefits of performance testing include:

  • Satisfying and retain your users
  • Better overall customer experiences;
  • Eliminating scalability issues;
  • Reduced risk of system downtime;
  • Identifying discrepancies and resolve issues
  • Benchmarking tools for performance engineering teams.
  • Implementing performance patches before taking your product live;

All in all, performance testing is necessary. You could spend effective testing on your applications before they are released, rather than fixing the pre-existing issues all the time after.

Ensure that your app performs well in real-world conditions, so try WeTest PerfDog for your performance testing.

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