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1The Benefits of Using Cloud-based Automated App Testing Use cloud-based WeTest automated testing for a maintenance-free QA experience of physical infrastructure and speed testing experience.
2Challenges and Strategies in Mobile App Testing This article discusses common challenges and strategies in mobile app testing.
3What is a Bug and How Does it Impact Software Development? What is a bug? Software bugs are an inherent part of software development. Bugs refer to errors or defects in software that prevent it from functioning correctly.
4Performance Testing in Agile and DevOps Performance testing is a critical aspect of software development that examines a system's response time, speed, stability, and scalability under a specific workload.
5Optimizing Word Frequency Statistics with Kafka and Spark Streaming In this article, we present an optimized solution using Kafka and Spark Streaming, which significantly reduces the cost of querying large numbers of indexes and improves the timeliness of word frequency updates.