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1Regression Testing: Preventing Regression Defects in Software In this article, we will introduce the challenges of regression testing, strategies for minimizing regression defects and so on.
2Pluto: A High-Performance Typesetting Rendering Engine for iOS In this article, we introduce Pluto, a high-performance typesetting rendering engine for iOS that aims to improve development efficiency, ensure smoothness and memory, and reduce the coupling between styles.
3How to Effectively Test Mobile Game The mobile gaming market has exploded in popularity. There are more than 3 billion active mobile gamers worldwide now, and the number of users is also getting higher.
4Why Cloud-based test automation So Popular? Cloud-based test automation is an approach to software development that utilizes cloud technology to speed up testing and software releases. From game development to machine learning projects and even automation testing, everything is on the cloud.
5Conquer Automated Testing Obstacles in Mobile Device Management Solutions With the widespread use of mobile devices in enterprises, mobile device management (MDM) solutions have become an essential tool for managing and protecting digital assets and confidential information.