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1Advantages of Test Automation Automated testing is an effective risk mitigation strategy that helps businesses identify and fix issues in a timely manner, which reduces the likelihood of these issues causing problems or creating negative impacts when software goes live.
2The Magic of Automated Testing for Startups This article explores the benefits of automated testing for startups, the considerations for choosing between manual and automated testing, and the intertwined nature of these testing approaches.
3Top Automation Tools for Testing Recommendation, and Why We Need the Tools Automation testing offers numerous advantages, including increased efficiency, consistency, and the ability to cover more code paths. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right automation tool for your needs? This is where WeTest comes in.
4How to Efficiently Test iOS Apps with Appium on WeTest To ensure the quality of our iOS Apps during development and testing, we decide to use Jenkins jobs to test it on WeTest cloud devices for every update of our app. After investigating various tools, we use gtest + gmock as the unit test framework and Appium as the UI test framework for the SDK.
5Revolutionizing Mobile App Testing: Challenges and Solutions This article highlights the top eight challenges of traditional mobile testing and provides solutions to overcome them. It sheds light on the current state of mobile development and testing practices, and how WeTest can revolutionize mobile application testing with its four key benefits.