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1How Automated Software Testing Boost Efficiency and Quality Here are some crucial advantages of implementing automated software testing that can aid in making more informed judgments.
2Game Quality Forum Global 2023: WeTest's Winning Strategy for Flawless Gaming Experiences The Global Game Quality Forum 2023 was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from June 27th to June 29th. At the forum, Felix AH KANE, Platform Architect of Tencent WeTest, delivered a speech and introduced Tencent WeTest's winning strategy for flawless gaming experiences.
3What is Test Data? | Properties, Features and Applications In this blog post, we will talk about everything related t the question "what is test data" and what are the properties of ideal test data in real-world scenarios.
4Unlocking Testing Possibilities with WeTest Real Devices Cloud WeTest Real Device Cloud offers a wide range of compelling advantages that address the challenges faced by developers in testing their applications and games.
5What is fps in Games and How it Affects your Gameplay? Even in 2023, the question of what is fps in games still trends in online searches. No Matter how many kills you had in the last first-person shooter game you just played, it always comes down to the basics which directly affects one's gaming stats.