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1Common Issues Concerning CrashSight Integration and Reporting in Windows and Game Engines TACKLING THE NUANCES OF CRASHSIGHT IN WINDOWS AND VARIOUS GAME ENGINES.
2How Tencent Captures and Analyzes Game Crashes Solving crash problems is a pressing need. From the PC era to the mobile era, there have been many tools for crash capture and analysis. So, what new problems and challenges does Tencent Games' new crash analysis system solve?
3What is Automated Test Equipment | Testing Basics & Explanation In this post of our faq series, we will discuss the question "what is automated test equipment" and how it impacts the test results in real-world software environments.
4The Power of Usability Testing in Mobile App Quality Assurance Usability testing plays a crucial role in evaluating the user-friendliness and overall user experience of mobile applications. It goes beyond functional testing, focusing on how easily users can navigate, interact, and accomplish tasks within an app.
5Unit Testing Best Practices, Advantages, and Basic Concepts In this blog post, we will state the essential unit testing best practices and the way to make it more effective along with basic definitions and concepts.