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1Continuous Integration vs Continuous Deployment: Their Concepts, Differences, and How They Play a Ro In this blog post, we will explore these concepts, understand their differences, and examine their relationship with app testing.
2Metrics in Performance testing Performance testing plays a vital role in ensuring the optimal functioning of software applications, websites, and systems. Performance testing metrics are quantitative measurements that provide insights into the performance characteristics of an application.
3What is Test Case in Software Testing? | Features, Benefits This blog post is about the topic "what is test case in software testing" and its benefits in the development world. The question is seen trending on search engines and needs to be addressed.
4Why & How to Conduct QA Testing During the Mobile App’s Development Lifecycle? (Part 2) In this article, we will continue to discuss how to conduct QA testing for apps during the next phases of the development process.
5How to Check FPS & How to Improve It? Workable Suggestions Do you know how to check FPS? Checking the frames per second (FPS) of your computer is a crucial step in understanding the performance of your computer when it comes to playing video games, watching videos, or running other graphics-intensive applications.