PerfDog v8.2 New Features Update

WeTest PerfDog v8.2 has been released, which includes a host of new features and improvements.

This update brings a range of enhancements and bug fixes to improve the user experience and functionality of the software. Below are the key highlights of this update:

1. Unreal Engine MemReport Feature Support: WeTest PerfDog v8.2 now supports the Unreal Engine MemReport feature, allowing for better memory usage analysis and optimization for Unreal Engine-based projects.

2. Uploading Whole Test Reports: Users can now upload entire test reports without the need to select specific parts, streamlining the reporting process and making it more convenient.

3. Memory Detail Parameter: The update introduces the TOTAL SWAP PSS memory detail parameter, which now classifies JavaHeap under the Memory table. This improvement allows for better memory analysis and management.

4. Automatic Activation of iOS Developer Mode: With this new feature, users can automatically activate the iOS developer mode option, simplifying the process and saving time.

5. Support for Mali G715 and G615 GPU Counter: WeTest PerfDog v8.2 adds support for the Mali G715 and G615 GPU counters, offering more comprehensive GPU performance analysis for devices using these GPUs.

6. Web Data Export Function API Call Interface: The update includes a new API call interface for the web data export function, allowing for easier integration with other tools and platforms.

7. iOS System Power Consumption and Traffic Acquisition Performance Optimization: The new version optimizes power consumption and traffic acquisition performance for iOS devices, resulting in reduced battery drain and improved network efficiency.

8. Latest Model Frame Insertion Detection Model Optimization: WeTest PerfDog v8.2 optimizes the frame insertion detection model, enhancing the accuracy and performance of this feature.

9. Fix Abnormal Values of Qualcomm GPU Counter: This update addresses the issue of abnormal values in the Qualcomm GPU counter, ensuring accurate and reliable GPU performance data.

10. FPS Issue Fix for Some Samsung Phones: The update resolves the problem of FPS being displayed as 0 for some Samsung phone models, ensuring correct frame rate reporting for these devices.

11. Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements: WeTest PerfDog v8.2 fixes several known bugs and enhances overall stability, providing a better user experience.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the PerfDog v8.2 update brings several new features and improvements that can enhance the user experience and help developers identify performance issues more efficiently.

If you want to experience the new updates and features of PerfDog v8.2, click here .

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