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Data problems

Updated on: 2023-09-08 17:08

During testing, the collection indices show no data or a line (obviously abnormal)?
It is usually because of the following reasons:
a) GPU option is checked:
Solution: you restart the mobile phone after the GPU data is collected for a long time/frequently.
Note: for those users who want to run automation for a long time, you just need to switch off the GPU indices of the mobile phone, then the data can be collected normally.

b) USB drive is not updated:
You can update the drive by referring to the link:

c) The tested APP occupies too many resources, thus the collecting process may be killed:
Try to shut down the other APPs during the test.

d) USB cable is aged, or it is an emulational cable:
You can try with an original USB cable.

e) An apple tool by a third party is installed, for example, iTools, AceDeceiver, etc.

The top command of adb may acquire a CPU value different from that obtained by PerfDog?
The top command realizes different results for different android versions. We use the same as the top on 6.0 version. That is to say, even adb is used, when the same game is tested on different system versions, the result may also be different. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out the test using the same method with PerfDog as the standard.

How iOS ensures the data accuracy?
For iOS platform: the iPhone small dot/AssistiveTouch and white bar/Guided Access of iPhone x notch will influence the data collection accuracy of PerfDog. Please turn them off.

Note: the methods of turning off white bar/Guided Access in APPs and games:
a) Click [Setting] – [General] – [Auxiliary Functions] – [Guided Access].

b) Enable [Guided Access], enter the game, press Power button three times successively to completely hide the Home key.

c) To restore the Home key, press the Power button three times successively again.

The FPS upper limits of different games are different?
It’s a problem of the game settings. PerfDog is just to help test FPS, but not influence it.

Whether it supports testing at an FPS over 125?

Why is FPS tested by iPad pro Wi-Fi only 60?
Apple has posed limitations on the method of acquiring FPS for test purpose by means of Wi-Fi. The upper value is 60.

If screenshot is enabled, some iPhone 12 models may suffer dropped frames?
If screenshot is enabled, some iPhone 12 models may suffer dropped frames. You just need to turn off the screenshot function.

What is the parameter Var (fps)?
It is FPS variance used to measure the variation of fps. Usually, a smaller variance is preferable.

For example, the FPS may fluctuate when you are playing the game, and the FPS variance may be high. When FPS gets stable such as keeping 60fps, the FPS variance will be low.

What is Stutter?
a) PerfDog Stutter Definition: the proportion of Jank time during testing. That is, Stutter = Jank time / total time.

b) PerfDog Stutter calculation idea: based on PerfDog Jank, one Jank will have a Jank time. Multiple Janks may occur during testing, i.e. there are multiple Jank times. Total test duration is Time. Stutter = ∑Jank time / Time.

c) Notes: Jank denotes Jank times and Stutter denotes Jank rate. The tendency of Jank and Stutter are consistent but not completely linear because the severity of a Jank is different at different times. Also, it demonstrates that the Stutter will certainly be 0 if no Jank occurs.

PCAM00 showed abnormal data collection.
PCAM00 may be stuck intermittently by adb. You need to restart the mobile phone.

The CPU value obtained on iOS terminal is different from XCode?
PerfDog CPU = Xcode CPU / number of cores.

Why are the obtained CPU Type and CPU Info inconsistent?
CPU Type is the internal code of the IC manufacturer. But CPU Info is the name of IC to the outside. Thus, they may be different.

What do the two metrics of CPU, Total and App mean?
Total refers to the total occupation by mobile phone. App is the occupation by test process.

CPU usage has a big difference from Android Studio Profiler?
It needs to be divided by the number of cores.

When the same game content is tested on iOS11 and iOS12, are the occupied memories different?
Partial GPU memory is not included when the memory statistics is performed on iOS11. But iOS12 has added it into the statistics. Thus, iOS12 should have fixed the bug of iOS11. It is a bug of iOS system.

You can Google to confirm this. Apple also opened the whitelist to apply OOM for this problem.

Why is the statistics result of AppCpu usage 0?
a) Confirm whether a correct process is selected?

b) Operate repeatedly to check whether there is any change.

c) If the CPU occupied by APP is small, it will be rounded to 0.

What does the CPU Core monitoring mean?
First, the usage of every core is very important. If you design an APP or a game unreasonably, it may cause a thread to run to death, i.e. a core runs to death. It will result in a problem where the performance is extremely poor although the overall CPU usage is very low.

Many of our projects have encountered similar problems. Although the overall cpu utilization is very low, the game frame rate is just very low, and finally it turns out that it is because one of the cores is running dead.

Flutter APP uses the Coroutine functional module, but failed to obtain CPU and memory data?
The use of Coroutine will not influence CPU and memory data.

Whether the footprint memory in iOS is correctly obtained?
The memory obtained by PerfDog is the same as xcode.

Why do some iOS mobile phones show no Memory value?
PerfDog cannot obtain the memory from iOS9–10 systems currently.

Why is the collected memory value of the iOS mobile phone always zero?
a) Please restart the mobile phone.

b) If the Energy collection is always 0, please reboot the APP or game tested.

**iPhone7P showed an FPS of 0. **
Some mobile phones using LCD screen will show zero FPS after being kept at a standstill for a while. This problem can be solved by keeping the screen active.

Profiler memory and PerfDog data have a big difference?
It is an incomplete statistic of profiler. Ours is consistent with dumpsys meminfo. The memory statistics of profiler does not include the unknown part.

The display of Virtual memory disagrees with the coordinate Y?
Because the value of virtual memory itself is high, it is scaled down when displayed on the curve graph.

Is it necessary to be concerned about VirtualMemory or vss?
Some friends may ask: is it only necessary to focus on pss or also necessary to note vss? Is it necessary to care about it if pss is always in a reasonable range but vss is relatively high?

Yes, it is!

Too high a vss will trigger the address space such as a segment of malloc memory to be unused. It will waste the address space and finally cause OOM. Possibly the pss is counted only several hundred. But it still may result in OOM.

What’s the reason usually for continuous rise of GL in Memory Detail?
The picture is not released. The GPU memory will continuously increase.

How to enable GPU Usage and GPU Frequency?
If it is not in the “+” of the client parameter list, it indicates the current model does not support it.

Please be asked how to view the GPU total usage of Mali GPU?
It does not support directly viewing GPU usage so far because the GPU maximum frequency of each mobile phone is different.

After the GPU data of the iOS device is collected for a long time, will the subsequent data be incorrect?
Phenomenon: After the GPU data of the iOS mobile phone is frequently collected, it will result in abnormal performance of the data subsequently collected.

Reason: the mechanism problem of the iOS system itself.

Solution: restart the mobile phone after the GPU data is collected for a long time/frequently.

Note: for those users who want to run automation for a long time, switch off the GPU indices of the mobile phone, then the data can be collected normally.

The GPU Energy data of iOS is zero?
If it continues to be zero, it indicates that the pressure on the GPU is not high.

What exactly is the avg data of the overview of power consumption?
It is the average of the entire test process.

Whether the power consumption test of mobile phones designed with dual battery cells is correct?
The data of some dual-cell mobile phones has been doubled but some hasn’t. It needs to be manually calculated.

For the mobile phone list using dual battery cells, please refer to

How to calculate Battery test result?
The battery data are all obtained at the system level.

Why doesn’t the Wakeups data report of Honor of Kings, Genshin Impact trigger Wakeups Limit? Whether the value is accurately measured?
First, this 150-kill process depends on system version and is related to the system’s scheduling policy. Every iOS version may have changes. We found that this problem is serious on iOS13.2 version.

Second: the official specification describes that when the process is in background, the probability of it being killed is higher. For example, an App used just now is put into background because the Home key is pressed. When it enters the process, it will be initialized again and cannot return to the interface of the App used just now.

For the flow of iOS tested in Wi-Fi mode, when does it belong to the mobile phone and when does it belong to app?
If it is uncertain, you can shut down all the background software and leave only the test APP.

What’s the flow statistics method?
PerfDog is to perform the statistics on the flow at ip layer which includes the header of tcp and the header of https. Moreover, the operators charge according to the size of the ip package. i.e., sum up all the flow.

The flow statistics of Instrument and PerfDog are different?
Many games use UDP protocol. Instrument tests are inaccurate. If the game is started before the instrument is used to test, the flow of UDP cannot be detected. The PerfDog flow includes upd+tcp. You can select PerfDog as the standard.

Why can’t the battery level of the mobile phone be obtained?
a) The battery level data of some mobile phones using wireless charging cannot be obtained.

b) The battery level of many Android models cannot be obtained because the app is not installed.

Android platform does not provide the statistics of battery temperature?
Android does not support measuring the battery temperature currently.