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MAC problems

Updated on: 2023-09-08 17:08

M1 chip Mac cannot open the client?
Just upgrade the system to BigSur 11.3 or higher version.

Mac prompts malicious software?
Need to perform safety setting. Otherwise, it may report PerfDog a malicious software in error. The specific setting method: open system setting -> safety & privacy -> general -> click continue to open.

How Mac opens multiple PerfDog APPs?
a) Similar to the other programs to generally open multiple APPs. Copy one more PerfDog.

b) Can also use the command line: open -n /Applications/

Why Mac collapses after the test mobile phone is selected?
The 13.* version mac system has compatibility problem. It is recommended to upgrade it to the latest system version.

No response when click [+] in Mac?
a) Please turn off the full-screen mode.

b) Tick perfdog in Setting - Privacy - Input Monitoring.