Project Creation Guide
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Project Creation Guide

Updated on: 2023-05-26 11:49

Project description

Project category

  • Individual Project
  • Corporation Project

What is the difference between individual project and corporation project?

  1. You can create corporation projects only when you are an enterprise administrator.
  2. Reports and other data generated by corporation projects will belong to the enterprise; reports and other data generated by personal projects will belong to individuals.
  3. Members in the corporation project can use the quota of the corporation account with permission; members in the personal project can only use the quota in the personal account.
    You can create, modify and delete projects on the Project.

Operation guide

Create project

  1. Entrance
    On the homepage, hover over the nickname and select corporation in the menu bar to enter.
    Create project1

    Console, switch the project menu and select All Projects to enter.
    All Projects

  2. Enter the project management page, click [Create Project] to start creating a project.
    Create Project2

  3. Fill in the project related information, click [OK] to complete the project creation.
    Create Project3

Edit project

  1. On the Project, there are three main operations Member, Authority, and Edit. Click [Edit] to edit the project details. (For details on member and authority operations, see [Member].
    Edit project1

  2. Editable information includes project name, product form.
    Edit project2

    Exit, delete project
    Project management page, mouse hover more icons, menu bar can choose to Log out or Delete.
    Exit project
    [Note]Exiting a project is not supported when you are the only admin of the project