CrashSight Product Introduction
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CrashSight Product Introduction

Updated on: 2023-02-15 19:12

1 Overview

CrashSight supports all platforms (mobile/PC/consoles) and provides professional services including crash/exception detection, report, analysis, and solutions. It helps developers locate and address problem more efficiently to keep improving user experience of product.
Domestic Website:
Overseas Website:

As for project creation, for internal project and for external projects, please consult email:

2 Supported Platforms/Engines


  • Mobile: iOS, Android
  • PC: Windows
  • Consoles: Nintendo Switch, PS, Xbox


  • Unity,UE4,Cocos

3 Features Introduction

Basic features:

Features such as exception overview, crash list, crash details, advanced search, and alerting system are included.

Feature Upgrades in SDK:

  • Native OOM monitoring
  • Fix on repeated reporting of Unity engine
  • Detailed Memory info collected(PSS, VSS, video memory, Footprint, Memory allocation)
  • Backtracking logic optimization. Improved backtracking stability
  • Inline function backtrace ability
  • Optimized ANR identification accuracy
  • In Android, detailed abort message info reported for SIGABRT signal
  • Improved signal processing stability, log saving stability and stack backtrace stability
  • PC SDK uses the Minidump backtracking solution to solve the issue which cannot be backtracked due to anti-cracking protection.
  • Unity Mono Managed StackTrace reporting
  • Increased customized data size to 128K
  • Supports attaching large files when reporting crashes. Supports dynamic configurations for a single device to report files under specific directories.
  • New mechanism for symbol tables generation.
  • Supports lightweight log reporting interfaces and do automatic statistics based on these logs
  • Fully supports Unity, UE, and Cocos engines. Provides self-developed engines with a C interface for integration.

Feature upgrades on web page:

  • OOM analysis. Uses big data to compute OOM threshold values of various models.
  • Emulator statistics, including overall emulator crash rate calculation, single emulator tag
  • Support countries and reginons statistics
  • Supports symbol table auto-update mechanism in iOS and Windows systems
  • Real-time overall statistics.
  • Support specific scenes statistics
  • A stack reclassification feature.
  • Customized data automatic statistics
  • The longest common sequences discovery for customized sequence data
  • New issue inquiry and mark.
  • Characteristics analysis feature. The problem characteristics are described by a set of rules, and issues can be auto-identified with rules.
  • Comprehensive alerting system. Supports version-level alerts, issue-level alerts, and error-type alerts.
  • Data compliance worldwide

4 Product Integration Guide

A complete product Integration includes 4 steps:

    1. Environment selection: Choose between domestic and overseas environments according to where the project will be released
    1. Project creation: Projects are created by the platform for now, but will be open for self-creation soon. After joining the project, obtain AppId and AppKey required by SDK.
    1. SDK Integration: Choose an SDK for the project. Basically, there are mobile SDKs and PC SDKs. Mobile SDKs are further divided into application, Unity, Unreal, and Cocos SDKs.
    1. Symbol table upload: To restore a crashed stack, the corresponding symbol table must be uploaded. Use corresponding symbol table tools to make and upload the symbol table.

4.1 Environment Selection

For a domestic environment, please access
For an overseas environment, please access
Sign up first If you don’t have an account yet. If you are in China, you can log in with QQ, WeChat, email, etc. If else, you can also log in with Facebook, Google, and GitHub accounts.

4.2 Project Creation

Projects are created by the platform for now, but will be open for self-creation soon. For internal projects and for external projects, please send an application email to

4.3 SDK Integration

4.3 SDK Integration

SDK Integration document for PC

Integration document for mobile devices:

4.4 Symbol Table Upload

Both mobile and PC symbol tables can be uploaded with symbol table uploading tools. You cannot upload directly from the web page.