Quota Purchase
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Quota Purchase

Updated on: 2022-09-21 17:36

Online Purchase

  1. Go to Products Pricing
    Click to enter the Pricing page, you can also click “Buy Now” through the product introduction page or pricing page to enter the purchase page.

  2. Select Product and Billing Method
    On the purchase page, select the Product Type and Billing Method to purchase. You can choose to Unmetered or Metered as needed.

  3. Select the Quantity
    You can purchase multiple packages or product quantities at the same time as needed. The rules for superimposed purchases are as follows.
    [Note]At the same time, select N time-limited packages to purchase, and you will get N shares with the same effective start time and the same validity period, such as 100 quota/month, buy 2 copies and choose to take effect immediately = 200 quota this month

  4. Select the Account to be credited
    You can choose to quota the amount into [personal account] or your [corporate account].

  5. Complete payment and use
    Complete payment and use
    [Note]Currently, 24 countries are supported for online purchase (like UK, France, Finland, Sweden), Other countries/regions that do not support purchases are recommended to be modified to countries/regions that support purchases(like UK, France, Finland, Sweden)