Console-Individual Account
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Console-Individual Account

Updated on: 2022-09-21 16:56

Introduction to the Console

WeTest personal console is the entrance for users to manage account resource information and quickly enter the product for testing.

Console Overview

On the Console Overview, you can quickly enter the corresponding product recommendation page through the three modules of Recently Used Product, Product Entries, and Quota.
You can quickly enter the product report page through the “Reports” entry to view the content of your own test report.
Users can view Personal Information, Projects, Popular Products, Help Documents, What’s New, and More.
Console Overview

  1. Recently Used Product
    The Recently Used Product displays the products you have used in the most recent period, and you can click to quickly enter the corresponding product page. This module also provides all product entries so that you can quickly enter other product test pages.
    Recently Used Product

  2. Quota
    The Quota displays the available quota of products under your personal account, so that you can quickly understand the quota of products in your account.

  3. Projects
    The Projects can view all your own projects, including how many members are in the project. If you want to view the detailed information of the project or check the additions, deletions and modifications of project members, please go to the project management to operate.

  4. Reports
    Sort by the most recently used products, you can quickly enter the product report page through the reports to view the test report.

  5. Popular Products
    The Popular Products briefly introduces the capabilities of the recommended products.
    Popular Products

  6. Help Documents
    The Help Documents displays document information.
    Help Documents

  7. What’s New
    The What’s New shows the latest developments.
    What’s New