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PerfDog-Client Performance Test Tool

Updated on: 2022-11-04 18:08

PerfDog User’s Guide

User manual in Chinese:
A tool of testing and analyzing the performance of full mobile platform (iOS/Android). Quickly locating and analyzing the performance issues, improving the performance and quality of apps and games. No need of ROOT/Jailbreak on the phone. No need of extra settings in mobile hardware, games and apps. Extremely simplified, a plug-and-play testing tool.
PerfDog supports all applications on the mobile platform (games, apps, browsers, mini programs, mini-games, H5, background system processes, etc.) and Android Emulator, Cloud Real Machine performance tests. Support APP multi-process testing, such as Android multi-child process and iOS extension process APP Extension.
PerfDog’s Windows & Mac OS X desktop app support users testing on iOS and Android devices. PerfDog can test multiple mobile devices at the same time on a single PC.
Important notes Q&A:
Guide for Special Phones:
Installation and running:
Step1: Log in to and select the desktop app you want to download based on your PC platform
Windows platform: Unzip the download package and double-click to open the PerfDog.exe desktop app.
Mac platform: Run the dmg desktop app directly.
Remarks: PerfDog uses a free installation software mode, if you want to update, you can download the latest version on the official website.
Step2: Connect the phone with USB, automatically detect and add the phone to the list of applications.
iOS: Plug and play, no need for users to do anything. If PerfDog can’t detect the connection or can’t test, please ensure that the latest iTunes can connect to the phone.
Remarks: If you cannot connect, please refer to:
Android:There are two modes, non-installation mode and installation mode. (Note: USB debugging mode needs to be turned on).
a. Non-installation mode:
(Plug and Play) for mobile phones is very simple to use without any settings and installation, but there is no real-time performance data on the screen of mobile phones.
b. Installation mode:
PerfDog APK needs to be installed automatically on the mobile phone, and real-time performance data can be displayed on the screen of the mobile phone. (Please open debugging mode, allow USB installation and PerfDog suspension window management rights). Start PC version PerfDog.exe, then automatically install PerfDog APK on the mobile phone, specific installation similar to the installation of third-party APP. Note: Because many mobile phone installations require account and password, it is possible that automatic installation fails. If the automatic installation fails, the installation file PerfDog APK will be released into the current folder, you can finish the installation of PerfDog. APK manually. In this mode, during the test process, due to the lack of system resources, the Kill PerfDog display app (the mobile phone interface performance data display) may be displayed, but it does not affect the normal test function.
Remarks: If you cannot connect, please refer to:

Step3:Testing mode.
Testing mode
USB mode test:
USB connection, select USB icon in device list for USB mode test
l WIFI mode test (power testing):
Information such as power can only be tested in WIFI mode. After the USB connection, select the WIFI icon device in the device list to test the WIFI mode. After WIFI detects the connection is successful, unplug the USB cable. (Note: The PC and the phone under test need to be connected to the same WIFI. After the WIFI detection connection is successful, unplug the USB cable of the phone under test (USB mode test power has no meaning and will charge). Restrictions make iOS platform unavailable under company WIFI)
Step4:Choose the mobile game & App.
PC as follows:
Choose app
Android platform, installation mode, the upper left corner of the mobile phone screen has real-time performance data display (Android mobile phone, please open PerfDog suspension window management permission, otherwise the mobile phone will not display performance parameters).