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Error problems

Updated on: 2023-09-08 17:08

Common client error collection.
Q: When saving the test result to local storage, the client reported an error: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTarget.Exception.
A: It’s a problem of the installation path. Please try to contain no Chinese or illegal characters in the installation path.

Q: The windows version pops up a box prompting “failed to mount Symbol file for XXX”.
A: PerfDog is not extracted.

Q: Reported an error: Java has problem on macOS xxx Please go to System Preference > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility > Add PerfDog to the list.
A: Need to add PerfDog to trust list.

Q: Reported an error: please open the PerfDog app permissions in the mobile device’s floating window manager.
A: the permissions to add floating window is not provided to apk of PerfDog in the mobile phone.

Q: The mac version iOS pops up a box prompting “failed to mount Symbol file for XXX”.
A: 1. Check whether XCode is enabled and disable it. 2. Open System Preference Setting > Safety & Privacy > Privacy > Full Disk Access Permissions > Add PerfDog into List.

Q: Reported an error: Failed to connect the mobile device with Wi-Fi Make sure to connect to the same Wi-Fi.
A: You can try to open “Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections,” close the wired connection and keep only the wireless connection.

PerfDog cannot mount symbol file?
a) Check if the disk space is full.
b) Restart the mobile phone for iOS formal version.
c) For iOS developer edition, please send an email to

Reported an error “Failed to create ADB port forwarding
The port is occupied. Shut down the process occupying the port in Task Manager.

An error is reported during the collection of performance data. Reselect the test APP but “Test failed” pops up?
After PerfDog successfully connects with mobile phone, the latter is disconnected. Please maintain the stability of the mobile phone connection.

Reported an error “Failed to obtain the information of mobile phone device”?
a) For Android system, download a mobile phone assistant to check whether it can be normally connected.
b) For iOS system, download iTunes to check whether it can be normally connected.
c) Reference:

Reported a “Network Error”?
You can check the computer network whether it is set with an agent or if the package capture tools is enabled. You can also try to restart the computer.

Reported an error “start test failed” or “Failed to initialize mobile phone device”?

Reported an error “get app failed”?
It’s a network problem, you can try to create a hotspot by yourself.

Reported an error “failed to launch the PerfDog server app?
a) Reference:
b) Upgrade mobile phone system.

Reported an error “The PerfDog service app has a problem?”
a) The background management policy of the mobile phone is very strict. The program collecting data tends to be killed by the system.
b) It is recommended to change to a similar mobile phone to perform the test.