Application Performance Monitoring-PerfSight(APM)
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Application Performance Monitoring-PerfSight(APM)

Updated on: 2021-09-23 20:16


APM is a tool for monitoring the gaming experience of mobile game users. During gameplay, APM conducts comprehensive monitoring of gameplay experience by monitoring players’FPS, Drawcall, triangle, CPU, GPU, PSS, traffic, network data and other customized business layers. It is the perfect monitoring tool for the full life cycle of a game, from development to operation.

Product advantages

This product provides multiple statistical analysis dimensions such as time, version, scene, model, and single-user to meet diversified analysis needs. The single-user second-level monitoring can directly restore user experience after finding the cause of problems; the intelligent alarm system can send real-time feedback about online performance issues and influencing factors, and quickly control performance changes. APM supports customized data reporting such as subdivided image quality to meet the diversified monitoring needs of the project team. There is minimal performance loss, and the data is highly accurate, the service operates consistently and stably since the launch, and 100% availability is maintained. The technical support services are provided by professional product and development teams.

It now supports Android and iOS platforms, UE4, Unity3D, COCOS2d and other engines.

Performance Monitoring Solution

Online performance monitoring is highly important

It is impossible to eliminate 100% of problems during the development period, and more than 20% of issues will appear after launch.

After the special performance test, why are there still performance problems? The special performance test is just the tip of the iceberg.

Better solution: ‘feedback’ with ‘data’

WeTestAPM, uses ‘data’to let performance ‘speak’

Created for mobile games

Comprehensive monitoring x multi-dimensional statistics x 7*24 monitoring

APM creates a performance-monitoring closed loop for the game

Full-cycle service: a performance monitoring program used during development period and operation period