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Updated on: 2023-09-20 14:49

Monkey Test can help your team find out compatibility issues(ANR, Crash…) against multiple real devices in a short time with no test script required. WeTest Monkey actions simply simulate tap events on semi-random locations on the target device’s screen. Just upload and choose your App, the test will run automatically. For better test actions in automation, you can use Automation Testing.

Below is the quick start guide.

Prepare for testing

To start your first automated test, please go to the console, then click WeTest Monkey > WeTest Monkey > Create Test.

Step1. Choose your target App

Upload and choose the your App(only .apk supported now)

Step2. Choose target devices to run your test

You have three options after choosing the target device farm(eg:Android Trial Cloud)
Option1:Use random available devices.
you can choose random devices no matter what models are they, we will pick available devices for you automatically.
You can choose to randomly test 10, 20 or 50 devices.

Option2:Use chosen devices
You are able to choose devices from the list of available devices manually.

Option3: Use existing device group
If you alreay have a device group, you can select it to run your test.
You can also manage your device groups here.

Step3. Set settings and submit the test

Based on the type of your target App, we have differenet monkey scripts for it. You can choose Application or Game.
The test time for each device is about 5 minutes. The cost of each test run is the quantity of real devices.

Step4. View the report in Test Analysis

After each test run finished, you can go to Test Analysis to view your report.