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Updated on: 2023-09-19 18:25


Why the actual number of tested devices is less than the number selected at the time of submission? Will the untested amount be refunded?

If the device is disconnected during execution, has a problem, or times out, the device will be untested. The untested amount will be automatically returned to the original account.

What does parallels mean?

Parallel tests indicate the number of tests that can be run at the same time.

Why are some devices not tested in the report?

In some situations, the devices may not be tested, such as
1) The task reaches the maximum timeout period and automatically ends the test.
2) The device’s current state is abnormal.

How many automation tasks can an account be running at the same time?

There is no limit to the number of tasks that can be submitted for an account, but the number of devices that can be tested at the same time is limited by the number of parallels in the account.The number of parallel you purchase is the maximum number of devices that can be tested at the same time.

Is the device tested in order of submission?

The test order of the devices is randomized.

When does the task start running?

Once the task is submitted, the task starts running.

Can I use my own Google accounts on WeTest devices?

In Public Cloud, setting a Google account on the device are not allowed. However, you can use a Google API/Service to log in an App with your own account.

My test run has failed on most devices. Why?

There are several reasons why test runs can fail on WeTest Cloud. The first and the most typical case is that there is something wrong with the application or script, you can view our official sample on Github.

Is your solution strictly for testing mobile apps, or is it also possible to use it for testing mobile sites?

Now, WeTest only supports mobile Apps testing. However, the capability of testing mobile web is in our future plan.

How to contact business team?

You can contact our business team using email.Contact us

2-Real Device

What are the Real Devices meaning?

Our devices are real, physical devices. They are standard, commercially available devices and not modified or rooted. All of them are managed in our IDC standard data center.

How does WeTest manage the cleaning of devices?

Each device is cleaned of apps that are not expected to be there after each test run.

Do you support simulators or real devices?

Now, Real devices only. Simulators will coming soon.

Where can I see a list of your devices? How often do you update it?

The complete list of devices with all details can be found in WeTest Supported Devices. We are adding new devices to increase device availability on existing models and add new models as they come out continually.

Can I change or choose the OS on the devices?

No, each device has a certain version of OS and cannot be changed.

Have the real devices been jailbroken/rooted?

No. None of our devices is jail broken or rooted.

If I run a test on the public real device cloud, can I run it over ssh or a VPN?

No. Public Cloud is not allowed. However, you could use our Private Cloud by contacting sales team.

Can I change the device’s time and date?

Yes, but only for Live Testing. The change can be made in the Settings of the device manually.

Can I send SMS text messages?

No, none of our devices have SIM cards and are not connected to the Carrier Network.

Can I access mobile cellular? Not just WiFi, but 4G and 5G networks?

No, our devices which do not have SIM cards can not access to the Carrier Network.

Do you offer devices with pre-release OS versions of Android?

Yes, some of our Android real devices maintain a pre-release OS version.

3-Android Automated Testing

What kind of testing frame work does WeTest support

Now, Appium(Unittest/JUnit), Flutter and Espresso will come soon.

Is there a limit time to use single real device for automated testing?

For each real devices in the public cloud, it’s up to the advanced settings of time-out period. Maximum is 1 hour, default is 10 minutes.

Which kinds of client performance data does WeTest provide?

Based on our Perfdog service, client performance data could be extracted easily during your automated testing. You could quickly locating the performance issues with no need of modification on hardware or apps. We provide CPU and Memory usage data, etc.

If I run a test and all the devices of the selected model are “Unknown,” how long will the test be queued?

30 minutes by default. You can increase it up to 45 minutes using a timeout capability in advanced settings.

Does WeTest support parallel or concurrent test runs?

Yes. we have the number of concurrent test sessions which means that multiple devices your test scripts can be executed at the same time, in the case of automated testing

If I have a concurrency of five and I start 10 tests, will the Real Device Cloud queue five of the tests to run later?

Yes. The five other tests will try to get the requested devices for the next 15 minutes. That’s the default time – it can be increased to 45 minutes through a timeout command.

Do I have to worry about provisioning profiles, certificates and UDIDs when uploading an app?

No. There is no extra certification need for Android.

Is there anything to be present on the device from an earlier test?

No. If there is, it means our automated cleaning process didn’t work as intended. If this happens, please let us know so the Operations team can reset the device and see what went wrong with the cleaning process.

Do you have any UI inspection tool recommendation like UI Automator viewer?

No, there are no inspection tools. We recommend using Appium Desktop for UI inspection, it has built in support for devices on the Real Device Cloud.


Does the upload.dir directory need to be created by the script?

No, it will be automatically created by the platform before starting the script.

It prompts that the file path does not exist when the script is run in the cloud

The script running environment in the cloud is different from the directory structure of the local script executing computer. The pwd that executes the script is in the script root directory and can be replaced by a relative path.

Script log error messages:ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘appium.webdriver.common.appiumby’.

You need to install the environment in the script file, for example, appium-python-client version 2.8.1.
You can execute the following command to install it.

pip3 install Appium-Python-Client==2.8.1 --proxy $HTTPPROXY -i


Can I create Automated Testing by using REST API? Where is the docs?

Yes, the documentation with the full API description can be found at REST API.

Can I integrate Jenkins or my system into my testing?

We provide a Jenkins plugin, see detail at WeTest Jenkins Plugin.


Where can I find a free test trial, and how can I get started with WeTest Automated Testing?

You can create yourself a free account at After confirm your email address, you’ll get an activation email with a link guiding you through the registration process.

Your free 30-day trial includes:

  • No credit card required
  • Unlimited testing minutes of free Android automated testing
  • 30 days in our cloud-based lab.
  • 50+ real Android devices to run parallel tests
  • Full integration with CI/CD tools.
  • Screenshots, videos and log files

Start your free trial now!

How many devices can I use during Free Trial?

50+ Android real devices in Trial Device Cloud.

Is there a limit on how many tests I can run with a free-trial account? Can I run tests in parallel?

You can run as many tests as you wish on your trial account with unlimited minutes in 30-day free trial, but you will only be able to access to Trial Device Cloud and run 5 parallels at the same time.

How can I upgrade the subscription?

You can upgrade your plan at any time and get access to all its features immediately. Please contact our sales team.Contact us

How can I start my first testing quickly

If you are not familiar with automated testing, we recommended you follow the quick start section and use our samples. Quick Start

7-Privacy Policy&Security

Can anyone have access to my data?

We promise that no other user can have access to your data. This is why we have a clean up phase after each test. We will uninstall all user apps and delete data.
Finally, we will check whether the clean-up was successful and block the device for other users when we find your data has not been removed properly.