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Quick Start

Updated on: 2023-09-18 18:17

Prepare for testing

To start your first automated test, please go to the console, then click Automated Testing > Automation > Create Test.


Step1. Start your 30-days Free Trial

Before having a experience of Automated Testing, start your free trial first.
-Type the fields and click the ‘Let’s go’ to start free-trial
Get Free Quota

Step2. Choose your target OS & App

  • You have two options to choose App
    • Option1:Upload your own App and choose it.

    • Option2:Use our official demo App, you can also find and dowmload it on Github.

Step3. Choose your script

  • You have two options to choose script
    • Option1:Upload and choose your own script which is based on your target testing framework and language. In order to make sure to run test successfully, you can following our sample.

    • Option2:Use our official script which is based on Appium, you can also download it on Github.

Step4. Choose your devices

Parallel sessions
According to your subscription plan, you are able to run an automated test against multiple devices at the same time. It will help you reduce the run time of your test. During your free trial, the number of parallel tests is limited to 5. If you intend to trigger more devices than 5, they will be queued.

  • You have three options after choosing the target device farm(eg: Trial Cloud)
    • Option1:Use random available devices
      you can choose random devices no matter what models are they, we will pick available devices for you automatically. The maximum is 50.

    • Option2: Use existing device group

      • If you alreay have a device group, you can select it to run your test.
      • You can also manage your device groups here.
    • Option3: Use chosen devices

      • You are able to choose devices from the list of available devices manually.


Step5. Advanced settings

  • Device Run time-out period

    • The timeout of the each device running in target test. The default value is 10 minutes.
      Advanced Device
  • Test Run time-out period

    • The timeout of the target test. The default value is 60 minutes.
      Test Timeout

Step6. Submit and run your test

  • Now, if you have followed the steps before, you have three options to submit your test
    • Option1: Web-UI
      Click the “Submit” button to run your test

    • Option2: REST API

      • Click the ‘‘Generate API Code’’ for code details in the right panel.
      • Copy the sample in your teminal and fill in your secret id/key, then run it.
    • Option3: CI/CD

      • WeTest can be integrated in your continuous integration environment and start a test run by using CI/CD. see details here.

Step7. View your test analysis

Now, you can view the test result in ‘Test Analysis’

Our Samples

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