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Updated on: 2021-11-09 17:43

1. About WeTest

WeTest is a full-scale testing platform for each stage of your development and operations lifecycle.By using WeTest platform, your team members are able to ensure complete digital confidence in your application’s behavior and performance on any mobile device, regardless of complicated user environments(OS,Device…etc).

For more details, please visit WeTest Official Website

2. About WeTest Automated Testing!

Automated testing can increase the depth and scope of tests and significantly improve software quality.Depending on the size of the project and the application, test automation will always provide a good return on investment. Once tests have been created, automated tests can be run over and over again at no additional cost. Test automation typically reduces the time required to run repetitive tests from weeks to hours.

WeTest provides a professional cloud-based mobile app testing platform that allows you to perform automated testing in popular framework against real Android and iOS devices, so you can troubleshoot issues in your development and operations lifecycle before being reported by your customers.The infrastructure is build to support unlimited number of simultaneous test runs, meaning that you can choose any number of devices for your test run.

  • Test Scenario

    • Compatibility testing
      • Automaticlly figure out compatibility issues caused by dedicated devices such as ANR, Crash.
    • Functional testing
      • Be able to turn manual functional testing tasks into a hands-off, constantly-running processes. Functional testing automation enables developers and testing teams up to focus on more complex and strategic work, which ultimately delivers a better application.
    • Client Performance testing
      • Based on Perfdog service, client performance data could be extracted easily during your automated testing. You could quickly locating the performance issues with no need of modification on hardware or apps.
  • Test Parallelization

    • Run automated tests in parallel across multiple devices with cloud-side execution, unlimited users, and unlimited testing minutes which can give your development teams the fast feedback.
    • Automate your tests across devices in parallel and gain instant feedback on changes without waiting for long test-turnaround times.
  • Detailed Test Analysis

    • Case Run Analysis
    • Device Run analysis
    • Performance reports
    • Device & Script Log
    • Video & ScreenShot
  • Rich REST API

    • Use APIs to integrate your build processes with our cloud testing service and reduce manual work for launching tests, getting test results, and fetching all test data.
  • Integration with CI/CD

    • Integration with the most popular CI/CD tools to trigger automated tests with each build action. Once you build an app, the system can automatically push it for testing on devices on cloud. This saves a lot of time, produces instant results and developers can fix any issues instantly.
  • Supported Devices

    • The largest public mobile device cloud with hundreds of different Android and iOS device models, different hardware and software combinations with 24/7 instant access.
    • All devices are managed in our Standard IDC Data Center which means stable power and high density private network.
  • Testing Framework

    • WeTest Automation which relies on real mobile devices (Android, iOS) and offers the possibility to test mobile apps instantly and effectively using popular test automation frameworks such as Appium.

    Your free 30-day trial includes:

    • No credit card required
    • Unlimited testing minutes of free Android automated testing
    • 30 days in our cloud-based lab.
    • 50+ real Android devices to run parallel tests
    • Free REST API to run test.
    • Full integration with CI/CD tools.
    • Screenshots, videos and log files

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