Product Function

  • WeTest

    1000+ Device Model

    Test your native mobile App on a wide range of real iOS and Android devices including Apple, Samsung, Pixel, Xiaomi, Huawei etc. All devices are managed in our private Standard IDC Data Center which means stable power and unbreakable security .

  • WeTest


    Integration with the most popular CI/CD tools to trigger automated tests with each build action. Once you have build an App, the tool can automatically push it for testing on devices on WeTest cloud.

  • WeTest

    Executing in Parallel

    Reduce release times by more than 10x through parallel test execution across multiple devices on WeTest cloud, unlimited users, and unlimited testing minutes which can give your development teams fast feedback.

  • WeTest

    Test Analysis

    Bring all test results into one view. Debug your mobile App using Logs, Video Recording, ScreenShot, Case Analysis, Device Analysis and Performance Analysis.

How WeTest Automation Works

Time taken: 10mins

Prepare your Android or iOS App. .apk and .ipa extension are supported.


Prepare and compress your test script. You could follow our sample with different target framework.

Time taken: 5mins
Choose App&Script

Create a project, select an App and Script according to your framework. You can directly use our sample.

Choose Device

Choose available devices manually or random devices to run your test.

Time taken: 10mins

Click 'Submit' button to run automated test on website.


Use our powerful REST API to submit your test.


Integration with CI/CD plugins and view the test result on website.

Time taken: 30minute

Install the App on target real devices automaticlly.

Test Run

Running the test script on target devices.

Device Clean

Target devices will have a cleanup phase after each test run.

Time taken: 5minute

All of your test reports in one view.

Case Detail

View the test case success ratio and detail on target devices.

Device Session

View the details of target devices.(Log, Video Recording, ScreenShot)

What Is WeTest Automation Used For

  • WeTest

    Compatibility Testing

    Providing a consistent app experience across devices is critical. Users expect instant, seamless interactions. Device compatibility issues are more prevalent on Android devices due to many different hardwares and operation systems. With the help of WeTest Automation, development teams can debug and fix compatibility issues easily.

  • WeTest

    Functional Testing

    Functional testing is the process of validating functionality of a software application. Pass or fail is the result of a functional test, use it to figure out a feature works as designed or it does not. With the help of WeTest Automation, functional testing can become a more efficient and repeatable process.

  • WeTest

    Performance Testing

    Failing to do performance testing leads to a greater risk of negative consequences, including bad customer experience and loss of reputation and sales. Poor performance is one of the top three reasons people uninstall apps. In WeTest Automation, testers can get performance data easily.(CPU, GPU,Memory....).

  • WeTest

    Regression Testing

    Regression testing makes sure that code changes don’t break anything. It catches bugs early on in new builds. Regression testing can be time consuming. But WeTest Automation save busy teams time. It also eliminates regression testing downtime by knowing why tests failed and fix them quickly with Test Analysis.

Why WeTest Automation

  • WeTest

    Device Maintenance

    WeTest maintains thousands of real iOS/Android device models in cloud that you can test on the same versions your customers use, for a high-quality customer experience and you don’t have to maintain them.

  • WeTest

    Integrate with Testing Framework

    Support for any native mobile test-automation framework and languages. Easily integrate with WeTest using Appium, Espresso, XCTest/XCUITest or custom environment.

  • WeTest

    Speed Up Test Run

    Improve your testing speed. Reduce release times by more than 10x through parallel test execution on WeTest cloud.

  • WeTest

    Instant Feedback

    Debug your Apps instantly using device logs, text logs, case details, device session, video recordings and screenshots for each test run.

  • WeTest

    Unbreakable Security

    All builds are stored on our secured servers. After each test session, the device undergoes a cleaning phase. During this process, we uninstall application, clear user data and settings generated during test session on the device.

  • WeTest

    Powerful REST API

    WeTest provides a powerful and useful API for users to manage mobile automation test. With the Rest API, you can access our device farm, test runs, test results, and schedule tests to integrate with CI/CD.

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