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1Prioritizing Mobile App Security: Best Practices for Developers In this article, we will discuss best practices for developers to ensure mobile app security, including penetration testing, source code encryption, device security, data transmission protection, encryption techniques, and effective authentication.
2What is Non Functional Testing? | Definitions, Objectives, and Types What is non functional testing is one of the most common questions we receive from our clients. In this article, non functional testing and its basics are discussed with all the basic concepts.
3PerfDog v7.1 New Features Update Our service is always updating. Let's find out what we have improved in the last few months.
4What is Test Case in Software Testing? | Features, Benefits This blog post is about the topic "what is test case in software testing" and its benefits in the development world. The question is seen trending on search engines and needs to be addressed.
5Unlock the WeTest & Global KOL Special Offer Up to 90% Off We are excited to announce that our global QA influencers have curated a set of exclusive offers for our customers.