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1What Is Sanity Checklist and Why Do You Need It A sanity checklist serves as a software tester's guide, helping streamline testing efforts and effectively prioritize tasks. This article examines the concept of software testing reliability checklists and discusses the importance of using such checklists to ensure thorough and reliable testing.
2Maximizing Software and Game Quality: The Importance of Testing Techniques This article explores various testing techniques, including Combinatorial Testing, Clean Room Testing, Functionality Testing, Compatibility Testing, Tree Testing, Load Testing, and Game Testing, and their key features and benefits.
3API Testing: Key Testing Methods for Ensuring Software Quality API testing is a critical component of software development, which is performed by software testing companies. In this article, we will discuss some essential tests that must be performed on the API to guarantee its quality.
4Tips to Overcome Test Automation Challenges Automation testing is a highly effective tool that could speed up the software testing procedure and lead to a boost in productivity, In our last article, we have pointed out some of the common challeges in test automation.
5Software Basics: Load Testing vs Stress Testing Techniques This article is all about load testing vs stress testing and their applications in real-world testing environments. Read till the end to get yourself started with testing techniques in current practice.