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1Why the Definition of Sanity Testing Improve your Product Holistically? Software and application performance should be accorded with the definition of sanity testing before releasing it commercially and industrially.
2Balance Speed and Quality: Mobile App Testing Best Practices and Key Metrics for Software QA Nowadays, the pace of software development is more critical than ever. However, sacrificing quality for speed can lead to catastrophic consequences.
3What Is SIT Testing (System Integration Testing) | A Beginners Guide What is SIT testing is one of the most common questions we are being asked regularly, this is why this blog post is released to explain all the queries one may have regarding SIT testing and its techniques.
4What is Crowd Testing and Why is It So Important? What is crowd testing? Crowd testing refers to the practice of outsourcing software testing to a large group of people, usually over the internet, who have a diverse range of devices, operating systems, and locations.
5Integration Testing vs End to End Testing: Why Do We Sometimes Get Confused? Integration testing vs end to end testing, why do we sometimes get confused? The two terms seem to make a lot of people in software testing feel conflicted. We've received many different opinions from customers, so we thought we'd compare the two, provide some context and create a definitive guide.